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Feb 4, 2013

Tan Jetty Thai Food @ Penang

After visiting Chew Jetty, Stephy suggested to try out Thai Food at Tan Jetty. Tan Jetty is just nearby, about a 5 minutes walk from Chew Jetty. Just walk into Tan Jetty and the restaurant is located towards the end.

Tom Yam
Really spicy and yummy! Couldn't finish it.
Mango Salad
This one was alright.
Fried Kangkung
First time having this dish and I love it! Really addictive :D

Supposedly Stephy said that this was a popular place for Thai food, but when we went the wasn't many people. Guess it was due to the owner's attitude that put off people :/ The staff were nice, just the owner? Or maybe he was having a bad day...The table next to us were even complaining and asking the staff why the owner was acting that way. It seems that we have a knack of running into places with bad service during our time in Penang.

Tan Jetty Thai Food
97-A, Tan Jetty,
Weld Quay, Georgetown, 
10300, Penang.
Opens: 11AM-2.30PM & 5PM-10PM
Contact: 014 907 1808


  1. haha i didnt even know about this shop. >.< anyway.. there are many other thai restaurant in penang ler.

    perhaps next time u can try this

  2. Fried Kangkung? Something new to me too! :P I had Thai food couple of times in Penang too but never knew about this place.

  3. i like Penang food~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  4. aww...such owner will just spoil the mood rite? i agree

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