Apr 5, 2015

Pimp My Chu Lip Workshop @ KARE Cafe

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Work has been hectic for the past few months, but I am glad that I was able to attend the 'Pimp My Chu Lip' workshop organized by The Butterfly Project and Mentholatum. Held at KARE Cafe in One Utama, the cafe was filled with cute display of customized Chu Lips!

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Take a look at these amazing drawings! So talented!

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Mentholatum is taking the Chu Lip lip balm to the next level by getting Chu Lip fans to pimp up their Chu Lip lip balm and personalizing it! 

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"The Chu Lip lip balm has a distinctive design and attractive colours which makes it desirable and extremely fun. There is so much you can do with the Chu Lip lip balm apart from caring for your lips. Let your creativity run wild when you pimp up your Chu Lip lip balm. Call it Mr Man by attaching a mustache or turn it into a pink belly dancer with accessories and bling" said Ms Elaine, from Mentholatum.

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Us bloggers were given a table full of materials for us to pimp up and personalized our Chu Lip lip balm. There were colourful marker pens, washi tapes, ribbons, blings and many more for our selection! All we had to do was be creative!

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Bloggers hard at work! We had one and a half hours to complete our artwork and prepare it for judging. The top 3 winners got to walk away with Baby G watches! Of course, my design was really weird and the rest of the bloggers one were really creative!

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Stay tuned for my Chu Lipreview soon!

For more information, visit Chu Lip's:
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