Nov 14, 2015

The BONS Cafe @ Damansara Jaya

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I have not been cafe hopping much lately as you would have notice on my Instagram. As I was craving for some caffeine and food, the BONS Cafe contacted me and asked if I would love to go over for a review. Of course, I immediately said yes :)

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Located in Damansara Jaya, the BONS Cafe is located at the street just beside Atria Shopping Gallery. With its wooden exterior and serene vibe, the interior also exudes a cosy environment and you'd feel just right at home.

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Cafe Latte, RM7.50

Cafe Mocha, RM8.50

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Roll Up Three, RM10,90
Rolled up french toast filled with peanut butter, chocolate and strawberry jam with maple syrup at the side. This is superbly filling and I did not add the maple syrup as the fillings itself are already sweet enough for me.

 photo DSC_9703-2.jpg
Bonjour Waffle, RM16.90
Scrambled eggs, sausage with delicious homemade sauce. The waffle itself is crispy and fragrant, topped with syrup that compliments the dish itself making it delectably sweet and savoury.

 photo DSC_9706-2.jpg
Cempedak Cheesecake
Ending our brunch with a dessert, the cempedak cheesecake is definitely must have! The flavour and texture is balanced which makes just right - not too cheesy and not too overpowering with cempedak. I have eaten a few cempedak cheesecake and this is honestly the best that I have came across so far!

Another popular choice in the cafe is the Durian Cheesecake which we were too full to try and also the Tofu Cheesecake which was not available that day. I will definitely go back for those one day! :D

 photo DSC_9683-2.jpg
Besides coffee and brunch, the BONS Cafe also serves other food with a mixture of local, asian and western delights.

the BONS Cafe
22, Jalan SS22/21,
47400 Damansara Jaya

Mon - Fri: 7.30am - 6pm
Sat: 9am - 7pm
Sun & Public Holiday: 9am - 6pm

For more information, visit the BONS Cafe Facebook Page.

Nov 5, 2015

[Review] Sudio VASA

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Named after King Gustaf Vasa who lead the Swedish War of Liberation during the 16th century, Sudio VASA is Sudio's latest premium earphone model. Boasting a new generation of 10.2mm driver, the user is able to hear every detail in every instrument, in every song, giving an extraordinary sound experience.

 photo IMG_20151014_122000-2.jpg
Upon unboxing, there are two labelled boxes indicating the contents of the box

 photo IMG_20151014_122345-2.jpg
The first one contains the earphones and the next are the accessories and manuals. I love how there are different sizes of earphone sleeves provided to fit comfortably into the ears as I always have problem with those standard sized ones slipping out of my ear. Of course, I used the smallest one and it fit perfectly! :)

 photo IMG_20151014_123022-2.jpg
With four colours available for Studio VASA, I chose the classic black with rose gold finishing for its sophisticated and sexy attribute ;)

 photo P1050020-2.jpg
The tunes delivered are really clear where I get hear every part of the instrument piece. The volume however can be quite soft, so I usually turn it up two or three times depending on the quality of the sound based on YouTube, MP3 etc.

 photo 2015-10-14 02.38.41 1-2.jpg
Sudio VASA has also 3 control buttons which works specially for Andriod, where the top and bottom button works as volume control. The center button is for play & pause, skip to next or previous music, and answering or ending a call.

 photo P1050028-2.jpg
Sudio earphones are elegant and produces good sound quality and I am definitely one of the proud owners. Most of the time I keep the VASA earphones in the office since I already have the TVA at home ;)

VASA retails at RM315 and they provide FREE shipping worldwide when you purchase through their website at Don't forget to use the code Lichuen15 upon your checkout to receive 15% off your purchase! ;)

 For more information on Sudio, you can visit their:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Not forgetting to share Adele's latest song where everyone is obsessed about recently since the song is pretty damn awesome :)

Oct 11, 2015

Simpli Dry @ Jalan Batai

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How much time do you spend to get ready in the morning or for an event? In order to look great, us ladies spend a considerable amount of time making sure everything from head to toe is on point. Sometimes, I even skip certain steps especially when I am pressed for time and just head off in a jiffy.

Simpli Dry is a one-stop beauty bar that ensures every woman can look as gorgeous as they should always be. Simpli Dry provides professional wash and blow, as well as manicure and pedicure services. 

 photo DSC_9352-2.jpg
Thanks to the Simpli Dry team who invited me over for a review, I got to try out their services! Upon stepping into the beauty bar, I was greeted with a lovely sight of spaciousness and natural sunlight. I love places that have natural sunlight because it feels really comfortable and welcoming.

 photo DSC_9368-2.jpg
Pedicure area

As a young working adult, most of the time I do not have time to make sure my hair is styled nicely. Simpli Dry opens as early as 7.30am which is great for people who are going off for an interview, meetings or important occasions. Simpli Dry is the place to be for you to look sleek and beautiful quickly by receiving quality treatments from their skilled professionals.

 photo DSC_9318-2.jpg
Getting my hair shampooed

Simpli Dry's services are modestly priced. For wash & blow, it is RM38 and RM28 for blow dry only. If you want the stylist to perform any additional hair updo's, there will be an additional RM15 cost to it. Of course, it also depends on the complexity of the style you want and the stylist will advise accordingly.

 photo DSC_9340-2.jpg
Most of the time, there is no need for you to make an appointment for the usual wash & blow unless you have additional requests for updo's and nail art. Usually it takes maximum 45 minutes for one person, depending on hair length to get you looking gorgeous in no time! Simpli Dry has a team of professionals to make sure you requests are met :)

 photo DSC_9321-2_meitu_1.jpg  photo DSC_9330-2.jpg
My hair is washed and ready to be blow dried!

 photo DSC_9338-2.jpg
The hair product used is mainly from Italy

 photo DSC_9364-2.jpg
They also provide manicure and pediacure services. For basic manicure, it is RM35 and RM45 for basic pedicure. They also provide nail art which ranges at a different price depending on the pattern you want.

 photo DSC_9337-2.jpg
Kids area is also available should you bring your kids over

 photo DSC_9375-2.jpg
Tadaa! Love my blow dried hair

 photo DSC_9388-2.jpg
Chose to do a simpli manicure

It was definitely a lovely visit to Simpli Dry and I walked out feeling fabulous! Simpli Dry has definitely made my life more convenient with their professional services. I can check my emails and do some work while waiting for my hair to be blow dried and walk out looking great in no time!

 photo DSC_9385-2.jpg
Simpli Dry
6-3A (1st Floor), Jalan Batai,
Batai Village, Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

For booking: 017 255 0968

Opens daily:
7.30am - 7.30pm (Mon - Fri)
9.30am - 7.30pm (Sat - Sun)

For more information, visit Simpli Dry's
Website | Facebook Page


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