Aug 20, 2017

5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Tokyo Disneyland / DisneySea

I had my first Disney experience while in Tokyo. Since Disney has two theme parks, my initial plan was a 2D1N plan to get an evening pass for Disneyland and then next day a full day pass for DisneySea. However, in the end I chose to do a 3D2N journey to Disney while purchasing a 2-days pass so I don't have to rush around.

1. Tickets
  • Purchase your ticket beforehand. I got mine at the Disney store in Shibuya which provides actual ticket so that I could enter immediately. 
    • The ticket is slightly smaller than a card size so it is convenient to carry around.
    • You may also purchase tickets online via the official website (except between 3am-5am JST) or using websites like Klook to get it at a discounted price.
      • Check out the types of park tickets available here.
    • Purchasing online also enables you to enter the park directly but
      •  You will need to print the e-ticket on an A4 paper (no smaller) or get it delivered to you (in Japan only). 
  • You cannot visit both Disneyland and DisneySea in one day using the same ticket.
    •  You will have to select which park you would like to visit for your 1-day pass.
    • I specified the dates I wanted to visit each park so it is clearly stated on my ticket. Don't go to the wrong park!
    • Unless you purchase 2 different passes, your can visit both park within one day. But that is really expensive and not worth it.
      • 2-days pass is cheaper than buying two 1-day pass.
      • Personally, I feel that it would be better to spend the entire day at one park so that you get the full experience. I will write about the differences of each park in a separate blog post.

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2. Accomodation
  • To get to Urayasu city, it was about 1 hour+ journey via train from Shibuya. I decided to book an accommodation at MYSTAYS Shin-Urayasu Conference Center.
    • This is because after spending a full day in Disneyland / DisneySea, I did not want to spend my time commuting back to Shibuya and then doing the same thing the next day. I would be dead tired by then.
    • Also, it is much more affordable compared to Disney Resort. As nice as the Disney resort looks, the pricing is just too high for me to afford. 
  • Besides that, MYSTAYS also provide free shuttle bus (scheduled) to Disneyland and DisneySea (around 20 mins depending on traffic) which is a plus point on why I booked the place.
    • Hotel chains under MYSTAYS in Shinurayasu also provides the same shuttle bus service, such as FLEXSTAY INN which has a 7-11 around the corner. The one that I stayed at did not have a convenience store nearby.
    • To head back to the hotel, it is still free but we have be at the meeting point around Maihama train station and wait for the bus.

3. Timing
  • Don't go during the Japan school holidays or weekends as it will be super crowded. 
    • I went during weekdays (Wed & Thurs) and still had to queue for a minimum of 40 minutes for those popular rides. 
  • Go early. Double check on the opening & closing times of each park as it varies daily.
    • Best to go once the park opens as the fast pass can run out quickly.
  • Check out the:
    • Park operational calendar here.
    • Scheduled temporary closure of certain rides / attractions here.

4. Fast Pass
  • Hate queueing? Too bad.
  • There is no such thing as purchasing a fast pass unlike Universal Studios.  You will have to work walk for it. 
    • Get hold of the park map once you pass through the ticket scanner and they will indicate which rides have fast pass and head over accordingly.
      • Or you can download the park maps here.
    • Rides that have a fast pass will have a fast pass machine located next to the ride.
    • Each fast pass will indicate the time slot allocated for you. Make sure to go to that ride before the time period ends!
    • Fast pass can run out quickly, so do prioritize!
  • How to get the fast pass using your Disneyland / DisneySea ticket?
    •  There will be a barcode printed at the back which you have to scan in the machine and a fast pass will be printed out for your ride. The fast pass must be given to the staff before your enter.
      • If it is a popular ride, you will still have to queue will waiting for your turn at the fast pass zone.
    • If you want to go back to the same ride, you either have to queue, or get another fast pass (if it has not run out yet).
  • Not all rides have fast pass so you can go ahead and queue for other rides while waiting for your slot once you have gotten the fast pass.
  • Also, here is a time period you have to wait before getting the another fast pass. You can't go to each fast pass station and expect to get the fast pass immediately.

5. Others
  • Attire: Wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking to do! 
  • Food: Definitely not cheap but some of the stalls are reasonable if you don't mind having snacks instead of proper meal. I purchased about 2-3 onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) from the convenience store before making my trip to Disneyland / Disneysea.

That is all for now! Don't forget to check out my Disneyland and DisneySea vlog below :)

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