Dec 23, 2013

Bloop Nail Polish & Nail Strip Review

Thanks to HiShop and Bloop for the opportunity to review their products!

The Bloop nail polish I received was in H215, a neon red with slight hint of salmon pink. The unique features of this nail polish is that it is quick drying, ultra glossy and long lasting. It is perfect for women who are always on the go as it dries really quickly!

This neon colour nail polish is really bright and loud!  Perfect for festive season. I think it would be great for Christmas if a snowflake nail art is drawn. Too bad my skills are terrible :P

Personally, I love this nail polish as it is quick to dry. It takes less than 5 minutes for the surface to dry, in fact... it was about 2-3 minutes. I hardly go for manicure because nail polish tends to take a longer time to dry and it ALWAYS chip off within 1 hour after my manicure when I am doing housework or other stuff, no point. My friends recommend gel nail polish that  is longer lasting but it is really drying to the nails which I don't like.

This Bloop nail polish really changed my mind with it's quick drying effect. I love that I am able to continue with my work or accidentally bump into something without the nail polish chipping off.  The ultra glossy finish gives a really nice effect.

The nail polish is pigmented and easy to apply :) However, I felt that this neon red was too bright for my liking. It is a very bold colour and I usually prefer pastel or softer colours for the finger nails. To me, it would make a great nail polish for the toe nails which I will definitely wear for Chinese New Year in 2014 ;D

Moving on to the nail strips, Nail It! is a fast & easy to use nail art sticker that has no chemical & alcohol content. It also required no drying time!

Inside the packaging, there is the nail strip and also a nail file! Very convenient as the whole set is there for you to use. Besides that, there are also instructions at the back of the package.

I cut out the nail strip individually so that it is easier to measure the size and adjust it accordingly if it's too big. Notice that there are 6 nail strip on each side? Additional ones are for there just in case you mess up with one of the nail art which is great because we do get clumsy sometimes :D

How to apply the nail strip?

1. Make sure nails are clean beforehand.
2. Choose the best strip size for each nail.
3. Remove the transparent protective layer.
4. Align and place the nail strip onto the nail. The rounded ends should be facing the cuticle.
(Note: If the width of the nail strip is too big, cut the edge of the nail strip accordingly for it to better fit onto your nails)
5. Rub strip over the nail starting from the centre, and working it out towards the sides.
6. Press the excess nail strip across the edge of the nail.
7. File off the excess strip in a downward motion using the nail file.
8. Rub striped nails again to move away any excess bubbles.
9. Apply a layer of top coat nail polish for a longer lasting wear.

Check out my nail strip! Not too bad for a first timer eh?

The nail strip is really easy to apply and I could take it out easily to readjust. It also does not remove the nail polish along when adjusting the sticker as it is not the super sticky type :D However, being a first timer, I had a hard time cutting the shape of the nail strip accordingly. Perhaps with practice I will be able to do better!

Check out for more Bloop products! They have many other colours for nail polish and various patterns for the nail strip. Each product comes in a set of 3, where the nail polish costs RM28 and nail strip at RM38. It's very affordable!

There is also an ongoing promotion where if you purchase a minimum of RM99, you can get a special rebate of RM20 off! Just enter the code BLOOPNAILS during checkout and this promotion is valid until 31st Jan 2014!

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  1. Love the lace nail strips! So pretty :D:D

  2. Thanks :) They have other patterns as well which is really cute ^^