Jun 30, 2017

3 Reasons Why I Love the iBlazr2

When it comes to night photography or any form of photography under bad lighting conditions, it is quite disheartening when the mobile phone camera does not perform as expected.


Introducing iBlazr2 is a wireless LED flash that provides a good light source for your photos!

  1. Small yet powerful

Although small in size, it is lightweight and portable which is suitable for people like me who are constantly on the go!

Especially during short outings or travels, I do not like to carry around my camera. I tend to rely mostly on my mobile phone for photos. For example during café hop, not all cafes have good lighting, which tends to create shadows at unwanted areas. Even using camera flash, the light may be too bright or do not achieve the natural lighting feel that I want as the camera flash is attached to the mobile.

With iBlazr 2, I can position the lighting to any direction is want to get the best possible result. Also I can adjust the light output by pressing once or twice to make the lighting brighter.

  2. Suitable for indoor shoot 

collage iblazr2
Note: Taken using mobile phone camera

Since I have a full time job, when I get home the sky is already dark. Personally, I like to take photos with natural sunlight and the only time I have is during weekends. However, the sunlight and weather is not constant. 

With iBlazr 2, I can do product shoots during nighttime as well!  The colour temperature can be adjusted on the flash itself by just sliding the arrows at the back part of the iBlazr2, which can provide warm or cooler toned photos for a more natural effect. My mobile phone tends to auto correct colours where the colour usually turn out warmer than intended.

   3. Alternative source of lighting

Besides it being a LED flash, it also functions well as an alternative source of lighting.

During my recent glamping trip, I used it to shine my path during the night since the area does not have much lights and electricity is scarce. It is bright enough so lit up the path to get me where I want as the iBlazr2 is about 300 lumens, which is decent!

However, the battery does not last long since it is only 130mAH. If turned on for long. But it is solvable by just charging it with a power bank.

iBlazr2 is available for sale on iBlazar Malaysia FB Page and Lazada @ RM 269. Also, there are additional accessories for sale such as cold shoe mount, which you can mount it up to your DSLR as well!

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