Oct 13, 2014

Foodgasm Fest 2.0

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Food is a universal language and Foodgasm Fest 2.0 brought in many crowd at Taman Rimba Kiara TTDI last Sunday. I headed out with my friend, Amelia to the food festival around 11.30am. Due to limited parking space and people parking at the side of the road, the traffic condition was pretty bad. I decided to park a few kilometres away from the location and walk there. Luckily, a parking spot was found quickly opposite the school. The walk was far but most of the people did the same thing to avoid being caught in traffic.

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We arrived to a crowded venue where people were already at the festival since 10am. The atmosphere was lively and bustling with people walking about the food stalls and queuing up for food. We came across some booth in the middle of the park which has a freaking long queue and I was curious about it so I asked one of the people wearing the Foodgasm Fest shirt on what is it about. They were selling drinks there and I was telling my friend that I am not going to line up that long just to buy drinks, and thinking that the other stalls will sell drinks...might as well just purchase from them. Turns out, I was wrong! There was only ONE place that sell drinks and we had to queue for a long time. So, I decide to get the drinks while Amelia queued for food.

The 'best' thing about this drink stalls is that there are about 5 to 6 different lines with three different banners and only one stated the word 'drinks'. The others mentioned 'merchandise' and other items which I can't remember but people were still selling drinks there so I just queued up at any of those line. However, while almost reaching the counter, I heard the seller mentioned that they only sell non-chilled drinks at their stall which is those fruity juice in a bag. If we want to buy chilled drinks, we have to line up at the other counter. Most of the people were quite upset due to the long line, hot weather and along with the lack of clear instructions and signage.

If they were to monopolize on selling the drinks, it would be better to place a few stalls around the festival grounds so that people have easy access to drinks and not queue at one spot only. The thing is, the drinks seller can't even churn out the amount of drinks at the pace of people are lining up. Some had to wait for more than while waiting for the chilled drinks to arrive and even then, the drinks are not really cold :(

Another notable thing is the glass bottles that is used for the drinks can be recycled but on the festival grounds, only black trash bag were seen so all the rubbish goes there and it minimizes the effort for people to recycle.

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Enough of talking about the bad organizing of the drink stalls. Luckily for me, I decided to get a couple of bottles at one go so we don't have to queue up for drinks again. The festival was full of tantalizing food and it was so hard to choose especially with over 100 food stalls!

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There were so many kinds of dessert and pasties like cronuts, brownies in a cone, potted ice cream that looks really appetizing but I couldn't just buy all of it. The weather was really hot as well so I did not have much cravings for cakes or desserts that are too filling.

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Artisan peanut butter were sold as well. As I am not a huge fan of peanut butter, I had a sample which tasted quite good due as they mixed it with other flavours like kaya, chocolate etc.

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Lekor is a must have!

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There were a couple of BBQ stalls which look really appetizing! But due to the heat, I really wanted something that is more refreshing. It would be better to attend the food festival in the evening but I had something on so I couldn't stay long. It was raining in the evening as well so I was quite lucky to avoid the downpour but had to endure the heat!

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What I had was nachos, lekor, a sandwich from #NamjaKitchen and coconut ice cream. The queue for the coconut ice cream was long but it was worth the wait! I definitely felt more refreshed after having the coconut ice cream. Not to mention, they gave out free coconut juice while we were in line :D As I had prior engagement to attend to, I left the festival ground around 1.30pm.

Overall, Foodgasm Fest has a great selection of food but can be improved in terms of drinks and parking arrangements. Perhaps they can hold it in a bigger venue with ample parking space in the near future that won't disrupt the traffic in the residential area.

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