Oct 9, 2014

John Ross Jr. - Traditional Scottish Smoked Scottish Salmon

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Recently, I was invited to a cafe in Damansara Perdana called The Curious Goat where I got to taste traditional Scottish smoked salmon by the brand John Ross Jr. (Aberdeen) Ltd, one of the most respected purveyors of premium smoked salmon in the UK. John Ross Jr. supplies smoked salmon to The Curious Goat and therefore, they decided to hold the tasting session there! It is a suitable place as well due to the cosy environment and laid-back atmosphere.

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John Ross Jr. opened its door in 1857 where they have produced Scottish Smoked Salmon in the truly traditional way. Using red bricks kilns dating back to the 19th century, the master smoker hangs the salmon over smoldering fires of oak-chippings. This time-honoured and rare cold smoking method produces the most succulent flavour and tender texture of smoke salmon. 

John Ross Jr. salmon are locally sourced from the cold clear waters of Scotland, and they contain no artificial flavourings or preservatives. It is packed with goodness, including omega 3 fatty acids that is beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart.

With their strong traditional values, John Ross Jr. has won many awards and they are a Royal Warrant Holder, where they supply their smoked salmon to Her Majesty, The Queen and the Royal Family for over 25 years!

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The Curious Goat served us appetizer while preparing the Scottish Smoked Salmon!

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We were served a platter of smoked salmon which consists of Traditional Smoked Salmon with Cracked Black Pepper for those who prefer a kick of flavour, Whisky Smoked Salmon that is infused with Balvine Whisky to bring a rounded sweetness, and Sliced Tea Smoked Salmon that is cold smoked using the Chinese Tea - Lapsang Souchong (立山小種) which is renowned for its aromatic smokey flavour.

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We also had Dill Sauce by CoIn Valley and Inverawe Hot Banana Chutney sauce to pair with the salmon. I must say I prefer the Dill Sauce as its flavour specially produced as an accompaniment with salmon!

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After that, we were also presented with another dish which consists of the Curious Goat's Panini that is topped with cream cheese & John Ross Jr. Classic Smoked Salmon. Next to it was the Grilled Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich stuffed with chicken and served with salad on the side. 

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After our delicious meal, we enjoyed the coffee and dessert served by The Curious Goat which I will blog about it on a separate post.

John Ross Jr. Traditional Smoked Salmon is available at BEN's Independent Grocer in Publika and also Jaya Grocer outlets. For more information, visit John Ross Jr.'s:

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