Oct 15, 2014

Kronenbourg 1664 brings a night of laughter with Comedy Night

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Work-life balance has mostly been ignored in our work culture and this causes us to be stressed most of the time as we are so caught up with meeting our deadlines and we forget to breath a.k.a enjoy moments of our life. I used to be stuck in office until late or bring my work back home then work until the A.Ms due to tight deadlines where I have gotten so stressed and unhappy at some point of my life. Then, I decided it is time for a change by having more work life balance by going out with my friends and events just to take some time off from work and clear my mind.

With Kronenbourg 1664's latest campaign 'Taste the French Way of Life' encourages people to have a work-life balance by just simply spending time with friends and loved ones and also enjoying simple pleasures of life. I had the opportunity to attend one of their event which is Comedy Night that was held in Tom, Dick & Harry's in Oasis Square.

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The Kronenbourg 1664 Hammer Machine is the ultimate stress reliever where guest get to play around with before the start of the event!'

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Like they say, laughter is the best medicine and the awesome stand up comedians - Andrew Netto, Kuah Jenhan and Phoon Chi Ho did a great job on making the audience laugh all night long! Sometimes, you just need a little laughter to bring back humour too your life. I had so much fun laughing that night and it was a great stress reliever after a week of working!

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