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Jul 3, 2009

Urbanscapes 2009 (Part ll)

Continue from the previous post. After walking around, we headed off to the TIC zone. There are loads of food stalls there. They even have lok lok :) The choices of food were definitely better than last years. Palette palette was there was well but the queue was so long that I gave up on wanting to try their food. But it looks absolutely delish ;p

Some stalls selling quirky tess. Love the designs. Mahal jugak.
DSC_0108 copy

DSC_0112 copy

Headed to the X Lawn around 5pm. Managed to catch Pop Shuvit and Yuna. Really awesome performances.

DSC_0125 copy

I was standing this far.
DSC_0129 copy

Yuna! Love her songs :D
DSC_0151 copy

Went to watch the Tugu Drum Circle after Yuna's performance. Though the sky was dark, thank god it didn't rain. :D
Chloe posing at the Mooks booth. We redeemed the Tic+Mooks bag :)
DSC_0170 copy

Colourful balloons. Jaws! Ur in d pic xD
DSC_0173 copy

Accessories by Mimpi.
DSC_0174 copy

Face painting booth.
DSC_0176 copy

Art piece in KLPAC 2nd floor.
DSC_0189 copy

After more scouting at the marketplace. We manage to buy a few items. More like I bought the most ;p Chloe only bought a dress. Bumped into a few familiar faces as well. Settled for dinner with fried kuey teow. Sat along the lakeside while listening to the music playing at the Sunset Disco.
DSC_0216 copy

The songs at the beginning were pretty alright. After that it just went downhill. Prefer the ones at the Zouk's Barsonic tent.
DSC_0220 copy

Another round of shopping during the night cuz that's when the 'sale' began :P Chloe bought her dress for RM20. Bargain!

Left around 9 plus. Chloe's sister came and pick us up and they dropped me off at the KTM station. Waited for some time cuz there wasn't enough ppl yet and it seems that something's wrong with the train that we're in so we switched to another train. Took KTM back to Subang and most of the Urbanscapers went off at KL Sentral. Had to miss Twilight Actiongirl cuz no transport back :(

John picked me up at the KTM Station and headed off to Dahrul Salam, SS15 for yam cha session. After that headed off to The Racks for pool. Saw Haziq, Amir & Shahir there.

This is the painting that I bought from The Fashion Forest stall
My eyes was set to this piece of painting when I first saw it. Like there was some kind of connection. Bought it for RM30 and I only realize that the series for this painting is In search for Dreams and the title is Key to my Dreams. Padahal I'm such a dreamer kan :) <3 Am I crapping?

Bought 2 pair of wayfarers. One black with pink sides from Abstrax Jingga and another white ray ban. Abstrax Jingga gave this really nice and long paper bag. It's really funky as well. For keeps. So it's currently with the painting and the free Urbanscapes postcards on the top of my printer. It's known as my 'little art corner' for now :P

Bought a new purple Forever 21 dress for RM40 as well. :D

This years Urbanscapes is better & bigger compared to last year =) But somehow I prefer last year's Marketplace. Although it was like pasar malam but I enjoyed going through each and every stall whereas this years some stalls seem to gain less attention cuz they're placed behind. And the ticketing booth is overshadowed by the X-Pax booth. lol

Hope next year's one will be even better :)
Thanks again Nuffnang for the tickets!


  1. Tks for ur post, at least I was kept informed on whats around.. :D
    Tks & do drop by, lol!

  2. Hey Iriene! Glad u got information from my posts =D

  3. wow where is this? I dont know at all

  4. Hey TH! The event was held on June 27th at KLPAC, Sentul :)