Jan 21, 2014

Organic Cyber Horse Cheongsam Collection by Hideaki Lim

2013 went by in a flash! Just as we finished celebrating the dawn on a New Year 2014, in just a few weeks time, it will be the Chinese Lunar New Year! Thanks to Hilda, I got the opportunity to attend the media preview of Hideaki's Organic Cyber Horse Cheongsam Collection that was held in Hotel Royal, Kuala Lumpur.

To Hideaki Lim, futuristic fashion designer, this Lunar New Year of the Horse is a special year as he was born in the Chinese year of the Horse as well! Putting together his Cheongsam designs for this festive season, Hideaki incorporates three factors and came up with three separate design focus.

The first set of his collection takes into consideration of his keen support of saving the environment efforts. This set uses organic fabric specially imported from India and the colours are made from fruits and vegetables. Four celebrity models, Winnie K, Tiffany Hew, Carol Lee and Chelsea Chil added the excitement to Hideaki's design works as they modeled his designs on stage.

This collection is also unique, whereby the outfits is reversible to a different colour to achieve a different look or to go with the mix and match concept.

Staying true to his futuristic concept, Hideaki's second collection is the cyber Cheongsam, where he brings a subtle taste of the future to today! The outfits is made of lycra which is stretchable and added with a touch of floral motive to the outfits.

Lastly, to welcome the year of the Horse, Hideaki presents the horse element in the third collection of Cheongsam. Made with silk, the blue and silver Cheongsam is decorated with hand drawn horse and calligraphy by Hideaki.

Hideaki Lim with the sponsors of the event which are Pee-ka-boo (Hair & Make Up), LS (Stem Cells Series), Sankom, EJS and Deli.

Additionally, to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year, Hotel Royal takes the opportunity of having "Lou Sang" with all media representatives and sponsors to wish health, wealth and happiness to everyone present in the year of the Horse.

*picture credits to Hilda*
Us bloggers with our "Lou Sang"!

For more information, visit www.hideakifashion.com


  1. The cheong sam abit kua jiong, don't think I dare to wear out, lol ;p

  2. Hahaha...most dare to wear! xD I like the silver cheongsam with the side tail.