Jan 15, 2014

Bloop Nail It! Toe Strip Review

If you have seen my previous blog post on Bloop's Nail Polish & Nail Strips, I am now here to blog about the Toe Strips! Yes, Bloop offers these lovely nail trips for your toe nails too! Bloop nail strips are fast and easy to use, forms a sheer layer of protection to prevent nails from breaking, does not contatin alcohol or chemical, no drying time and looks realistic on nails.

Instructions at the back for your reference!

Inside the package comes with the nail strips and also a nail file. Notice that there are 2 sets of nail strips in it? One set it for bigger nails and the other is for smaller nails...cause each person's nails is different like that :) For me, I choose the bigger ones as my toe nail are wider and the smaller one does not cover it fully. I gave the smaller ones to my mom as her nails are smaller but she hasn't used it yet. So if you're not sure what to do with the extra, you can keep it for use another time or share it with your mom or sister so that you'd have some matching nails ;)

I'd thought that this would be 'easy-peasy' after I had my turn on the nail strips previously but boy, I was wrong. I think I spent around an hour measuring and cutting the nail strip to the size and shape accordingly. Not as neat as I hope it would be, with a couple of bumps but it was still ok. My favourite area the pink ones because the colour is really soft and pretty. Added a layer of top coat to ensure the nail strip lasts longer. Usually, it lasts about 5-7 days.

Check out http://www.hishop.my/nails?brand=20 for more products from Bloop! They have various patterns for the nail strip with costs RM38 for a set of 3. There is also an ongoing promotion where you purchase a minimum of RM99 and get a special rebate of RM20 off! Just enter the code "BLOOPNAILS" during checkout and this promotion is valid until 31st Jan 2014!

For more info, visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloopinc

Website: http://www.hishop.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hishopmy
Twitter: @hishopmy
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