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Jul 12, 2010

Clinique Star Tour 2010

2 weeks ago, I attended the Clinique Star Tour 2010 at Sunway Pyramid for the makeover session.
Reached Pyramid about 10.30am and saw the mobile makeover truck there!

Headed off to Papa Rich for breakfast with Su and Sharmayne while waiting for the rest to arrive. Gosh, puffy eyes and sleepy face. Definitely not a morning person :P

Finally, everyone reached about 11am and we headed to the makeover area to sign up and took the waiting numbers. We get to choose from 2 choices for the makeup we want. 
1. Fresh and Natural
2. Young and Chic

I took the 2nd choice!

Gorgeous lady, Alvina.

Since we had to wait anyway, decided to head to Kim Gary to yam cha and accompany Amelia for lunch.

Almost one and a half hours have passed an we were still waiting. Look at our bored faces xD

Finally it's our turn! First, we get a consultation session on our skin, followed by cleansing and moisturising. 

Susanna and Sharmayne getting their makeup done.

My turn :)

Me and the markup artist, Chor Q. Very pretty and friendly lady. I don't look like myself in this pic =.=

Camwhore after the makeup is done.

Next is styling the hair. Can't do much to mine as it's short, so they just straighten it.

After that, it's the photoshoot session. Had to do different poses for the shoot, which I felt really awkward as I'm not used to it. The photo turned out nice. It's like another side of me with different personality. lol...

Went to the other counter to redeem the Clinique products worth RM80. Overall, it is a really good experience and with just RM30, you can get all these benefits! The makeup artists are really good as they choose the best colour and makeup to suit your skin. Thank you myc! for the voucher!

We went to Pepper Lunch for lunch after the makeovers session. Susanna recommended it, and it was my first time eating there/

Took the beef set and they taught us how to cook the dish as there's butter in the middle or something like that. On nom nom :D

Susanna's sexy makan style :P

Clinique Star Tour 2010 will be held until 2nd August. Don't miss out on this great opportunity! For more details check out my previous post. You stand a change to be on CLEO magazine too!


  1. The truck looks like a luxury boat!

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