May 1, 2013

HiShop Beauty Ambassador Welcome Pack Review + Readers Discount!

HiShop [pronounched as hai-shop] is an online beauty and cosmetics store that carries genuine products that is made accessible for everyone - anytime and anywhere. I am really grateful to be chosen as one of their Beauty Ambassador to be able to review beauty products that is available in their online store! HiShop carries numerous brands such as Antipodes, Heaven on Earth and many more which I believe are not easily accessible in physical stores. With HiShop, all these brands are available with just a click on the mouse :) Personally, I haven't been exposed to a lot of the brands which HiShop carries and I am glad they are a website that offers these alternatives! Delivery is free if you purchase over RM50 :D

As HiShop's Beauty Ambassador, I received a parcel on my doorstep which is filled with samples of beauty products such as face mask, makeup and so on! I also received discount vouchers from MilkADeal and HiShop. Continue reading below for product reviews and exclusive readers discount ;D

My first impression when receiving this sample sized mask is that it was a floral scented/lavender mask because of the picture. The description behind was in yeah, I only found out that it is a clay mask after opening the sachet xD I was delighted anyway, since it has been long I have used one. Full size (140ml) retails at RM88.90.

According to the website, the Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask works to tighten pores, leaves skin smooth, banish skin dullness and smooths sagging skin. Directions said to spread an amount of four cherries evenly over the face and rinse off after 5 minutes. Apply skin toner/lotion after.

I only used half the sample size because I felt it was too much if I finished the whole packet. Around the size of two 20 cent coins is enough to cover my face. The light herb scent was alright for me, it goes off as the mask starts to dry/tighten around the face. I am impressed by the mask as it really tightens the skin when the clay mask dries...I could hardly move my face! It gives a tightening/lifting feeling for the skin during that 5 minutes. Remember to not talk, laugh or move your facial muscles when you put on this mask! I rinsed the mask off with lukewarm water after 5 minutes and I love how smooth my skin was when I touched it ^^ 

Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light works as a skin toner to soften skin and boost ability to soak up nutrients, at the same time delivering whitening ingredients ingredients into the skin. Love how lightweight this toner is! Has a very watery texture too. Full size (180ml) retails at RM58.90.

Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light is a moisturizer that wraps dry skin in a solid veil of moisture that leaves skin plump and firm. It also claims to suppress melanin generations and wards off spots and freckles. I think this moisturizer is great for people who are under the aircond most of the time. Thick consistency but lightweight when applied onto the skin. It's not sticky and blends into the face well to provide moisture. However, for my combination skin and under non aircond area, the T-zone produces sebum quickly so there is an oil shine after a while. Full size (130ml) retails at RM58.90.

Korean face mask! Love the cute packagingMung bean extracts supply moisture and nourishment to dey and flaccid skin. Removes dead skin cells to reveal soft and smooth skin. Leave on mask for 15-20 minutes.

Love how this mask is able to cover my forehead entirely because most of the mask I use doesn't. There is a faint scent to the mask which I like because it is not too overpowering. The mask isn't superb but it does its job. After removing the mask, my skin had a slight sticky feel when massaging the remaining essence into the skin.

HiShop gave a full sized product for this :D The price is really affordable too! Thanks HiShop for safely wrapping this face mist in bubble wrap :) However, there was a slight leakage as I opened the wrap as the bottle cap was not closed tightely. No worries about that! Was excited to try this out because it contains two of my favourite things - face mist and pomegranate  Description is in Korean which I don't understand even though I know how to read the characters. haha...

This face mist is designed to soothe, moisturize, replenish, relax and rejuvenate the face. Helps to set makeup and also make your tired looking skin look bright and dewy.

I really adore face mists because it helps to refresh the skin when the weather is humid or when the skin feels dry in air conditioned areas. I like this face mist because it absorbs into the skin easily. But the scent wasn't really to my liking. I love sweet scents but when I sprayed this to my face, the scent was leaning towards the strong side. However, the scent only lasts for about a second or two when sprayed on, so I am okay with that. Just have to get brace myself/get use to the scent when I spray it on my 

When I am at home, I usually use this during the afternoon/midday when the skin gets oily...wash my face with water and then use this pomegranate face mist. Very refreshing! ;)

Farmasi Terracotta Mono Eyeshadow 12, RM38.90
FARMASI is the brand name of Tanalize Cosmetics where they are the market leader in Turkey at cosmetics and toiletries export market. This Terracotta Mono Eyeshadow is a baked eyeshadow that provides luminous/pearl shine effect. Long lasting and easy to apply, it can be used both wet (for intense colour) and dry (for basic pearl shine)

I was really excited to try out this colour as it looked really dark and sultry when I looked at it for the first time. Love that it can be used both ways. But it was not as pigmented as I thought it would be. Had to use my fingers to apply the eye shadow a few times to achieve the pigment that I want. Like the soft pearl shine effect this eye shadow has when applied dry. For the intense colour, I used the wet brush and applied it on for about 5 times to get the intense result.

Thanks for reading my reviews on HiShop's products! Now, I'm sure you want to know what what the discount you readers are getting :D Here it is:
  • Purchase above RM100 and you will get RM20 off you total bill! The discount code is: LOVEHISHOP (Expires 30th June 2013)

Other perks that applies to everyone:
  • Free nationwide delivery within 7 days if you purchase above RM50.
  • 3 FREE samples (valid with any purchase)
  • Subscribe to HiShop's newsletter for exclusive offers
  • Like their Facebook Page to get updates about their latest news and contests

For more information, visit HiShop's:


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