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Sep 27, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Color & Liese Juicy Shower

I've never coloured my hair before except for straightening, so basically it's my 1st time trying out a new hair colour :P

 Decided to purchase Liese Bubble Hair Color since it's a relatively new product imported to M'sia which has been getting positive reviews and to save money & time to DIY. Also, I couldn't resist the pretty & cute packaging! ;D

 I was deciding between Marshmallow Brown, Cassis Berry and Sweet Pink. After doing some research and some sample viewing at the display counter, I finally went for Sweet Pink! :D Too bad the Sweet Apricot is not available here, I would've bought that if I had the choice!

After doing the allergy test for about 24 hrs (yeah, the instruction says 48 hrs but I was too excited and busy to wait for 2 days. lol), DIY hair colouring process starts! I love how the packaging is equipped with the bottles and a pair of gloves. The instructions is simple and easy to follow.

My hair is shoulder length so I used the whole bottle of it. Waited from abt 30 mins and in between I lather up the bubbles at each 8-10 mins so that the colours would come out even. After the waiting duration, washed my hair with warm water (shampooed and conditioned) , dried my hair and applied the Nourishing lotion.

Before & After (under sunlight)
Although my hair was quite dry after colouring, but after conditioning and putting on hair serum religiously for 2 days, it became better :D
The other product that I bought from Liese was the Liese Juicy Shower Mixed Berry Moisturizing Hair Mist.
I love berries and the smell of the hair mist isn't too strong. I like to use it when my hair is damp. Just spray some onto the damp hair and then blow dry it with the hair dryer. My hair became really soft and fluffy after that!

It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! - Agnes,Despicable me


  1. wow the changes is obvious! I can't wait to try it but my hair just couldnt grow any faster )):

  2. @Hilda - it's pretty exciting to see how the colour turns out. I'm happy with mine :D How long is the length of your hair now?

  3. My sis is using this too! It's easy to use right? and cheap too! :))

  4. @Calvinn - yeah! cheap n easu to use!
    @Ken - thx :)

  5. omg..i saw this tat day..wanted to buy..haha.maybe after exams..nice colour..=D

  6. the color doesnt stay long.. dyed my hair on 17sept and now, color all faded away = ="

  7. yeah, if u wannna dye ur hair must use the products, cant skimp on them coz if not ur hair will be ruined. so dont skimp^^

  8. Nice colour!! It's so awesome the colour really shows up eventhough it's the first time dying. :D Might try it soon too~ ^^

  9. nice color! Are u calling me? cos i'm Agnes too...hehehee :p
    plan to try after my wedding. :p
    can get this brand at any shopping center?

  10. @fashiondiva - cool! thx :D

    @celeste , mr definite, melmonica & sam - thanks dear :)

    @merrinette - really? I did mine last week. so far so good. how come yours faded so fast? =\

    @glow - yeah, been working hard to keep my hair healthy xD

    @melissy - yeah, was surprised how the results for my hair turned out. it varies for everyone's.

    @Agnes - hello Agnes :D are you from Despicable Me? lol. ohh.congrats on ur wedding! you can get this in Watson/Guardian/Aeon Wellness or Sasa Outlets :) But sometimes the stock runs out pretty fast.

  11. Wow you look great in that hair colour :D
    You made it sound like it's SO easy to use! I think I might try it sometime :) I'm thinking in the future no one will go dye their hair in a saloon ever again haha. kidding.

  12. i dun really think it's cheap if compared to the other hair colouring products... but it's easier to use that's for sure..

    i want red hair too. >____________<

  13. @Suzanne - it's pretty easy to use :D just have to have a protective layer to shield your clothes etc :) It would be advisible to have an extra pair of glover imo. hahaha..saloon's service are more professional and quality is better xD

    @j_fish - hehe, I was reffering to saloon prices not other products :) Yeah, DIY ones are cost and time effective. Go colour your hair red then :D

  14. lol unsure, maybe because i bleached my hair before, but my friend who dyed her hair with ash brown also faded within a week time @_@