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Jan 25, 2011

Meeting Glow @ Pavilion KL

Few weeks back, Glow came down to KL and a few of us blogger met up with her at Pavilion. Was late due to the slow KTM but managed to meet most of the bloggers like Shah and Doris who left early due to work.

Suresh, Shah, Glow, Me and Xing sans Tikkos and Dorris
Had lunch at Carls Jr. and it was fun chatting with them.

We moved on to Snowflakes for dessert.

Suresh, the happy b'day boy :)
It was Suresh birthday the next day, so we decided to celebrate his birthday a day earlier. Glow bought cupcakes from Just Heavenly and it's yummy!

Suresh's cake.

CNY decorations were plastered at every corner at Pavilion and we decided to take the opportunity to take pictures. It would be a waste not to with those lovely decorations...

CNY Lantern
It was a great day with many stories shared!

Next gathering with the bloggers will be this coming Friday for Lou Sang :D


  1. When I first saw the post, I was staring at the cupcakes for a few seconds before I read the post, it looks so yummy and I'm hungry now .____. and after I browse through all your blog posts, it makes me hungrier now! Anyway, I love your blog so much, so many things to read *___*!

    p.s: i'm using my sis's blog to comment cuz something's wrong with keypad or something idk. my blog:

  2. hahah Glow is so pretty in this post! And Tikkoss the gay boy!! Claim himself as GayLord!! dam! LOL!

  3. It was great meeting you too. I think the cupcakes taste sweeter after hanging out with u guys ^^

  4. I am in love with the cup cakes!! Hello glow! Didn't see you glow in the pics :P

  5. why ler? see you this fri? :D

  6. Haha..thank you dear :)
    Hope you come by often to visit!