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Apr 27, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge @ Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses

Tony invited me as his date for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge event at Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses on 9th of April. Using Tony's Blackberry GPS, we got lost a little but arrived safely. The theme was classic black or chic gold for the outfits. Black isn't exactly my colour but had a piece or two in my wardrobe so I wore a dress with the combination of both :)
Pins for guys and necklaces for ladies
Met up with the rest of the bloggers and got ourselves a table.

With Suresh and Tony.

 Shii Teck and Jun Fook

Isaac and Jessy

Bumped into a few of my friends too.
 Wen Bing and Wen Jun

Shantee and Jay Dee

It was a great night with great music and meeting new people. Partied all night and danced away~


  1. Eh I thought I saw this post before. Weird, I have this deja vu feeling. Anyway it was a nice night indeed!

  2. u looks so wild in the photo =P hehehe late update!!