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Jun 5, 2011

Veet Suprem' Essence

Nowadays, we're so caught up with a busy lifestyle that we hardly have anytime to pamper ourselves. But with Veet, we can take a step back for our pampering session as it's quick and effective. Rushing out for a meeting in 15 mins? Veet has just the solution for you :)

Veet has always been my favourite choice of  depilatory product as it is effective and provides a smooth and silky finish. Look what has been delivered to my doorstep!

The new Veet Suprem' Essence!

What came in the box are two of Veet's new hair removal product, a kit that contains shower sponge and a rose scented candle :) All these products reached just in time for me to have a pampering session for myself since I've been busy and stressed out with assignments.

Veet Suprem Essence contains patented Hydro'Restor formula that helps to replenish the skin’s hydration levels. Removing hair with razors is not recommended as it dries the skin and makes the hair harsh. Veet Suprem Essence is specially formulated with different essential oils and velvet rose fragrance which leaves the skin feeling silky, soft and fresh.

Lets take a look at the two new products which is designed for the use of legs, arms, underarms and bikini line.

Veet Suprem' Essence Wax Strips, RM27.90
Comes with 18 wax strips and 4 perfect finish wipes.

With just 5 steps, you'll get a smooth and sily leg!
1. Rub the wax strip between your hands to warm to wax.
2. Peel the strips apart.
3. Apply the strips on the legs and rub the strip repeatedly in the direction of the hair growth.
4. Pull the strip back in the opposite direction of the hair growth in one swift motion. The strip can be reused during that session until it loose it stickiness.
5. After waxing, remove the excess wax with a Perfect Finish Wipe.

Verdict: Veet Suprem Essence Wax Strips successfully removes hairs till its roots which will leaves you hair free for two to four weeks! Although it removes hair as short as 2mm as claimed, shorter hairs less than 2mm are hardly removed. The waxing process is quite painful but it is effective as I saw not only the surface of the hair but the roots as well. The Perfect Finish Wipe is important the remove the excess wax and your legs. The wipe came across as too oily for me at first, but after application I find that it's important to remove the remaining wax and also the essential oil absorbs into the skin and leaves the skin silky and soft. It's not oily at all! There will be redness after waxing but after applying the Perfect Finish Wipes, it's gone within an hour.

Veet Suprem Essence Hair Removal Cream, RM17.90

Veet Suprem Essence Hair Removal Cream is quick and easy to use. Squeeze the cream onto the curved surface of the spatula.

Apply the cream and spread evenly onto the skin. Leave it on for a minimum of 3 mintues and maxinum 6 mintues.

Remove the hair by lightly scrapping of  the cream using the other surface of the spatula. Wash off the remaining cream and pat skin dry.

Verdict: What I like about Veet Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream that it is painless and effective in such a short period of time. 3 minutes is all it takes! It's like cooking instant noodle :P Within the 3 to 6 mintues, I can get my makeup done and also dressed up. Just remove and wash off the cream and I'm good to head out! Veet Suprem' Essence Hair Removal Cream lets me multitask especially when I'm racing against time. Unlike the wax strips, the cream is more effective in removing short hairs on the surface which are not caught by the wax strips.

Veet Suprem Essence Wax Strips is good when you have the time to do the waxing process as it takes a longer time. It effective and gives a longer lasting hair free days. If you're rushing for time and not keen on the pain from the wax strips, the Veet Suprem Essence Hair Removal Cream will be the right one for you :) The velvet rose fragrance and essential oil leaves a light and refreshing scent after using the products. It smells just not and not overpowering at all :D

Remember, it's important for us ladies to pamper ourselves for smooth and healthy skin!

Veet Suprem’ Essence with Hydro'Restor formula is now available at all leading retail pharmacies and supermarkets, priced at RM27.90 for wax strips and RM17.90 for hair removal cream.