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Mar 25, 2012

Dream Vacation - Go Holiday with Veet!

How many times have you heard yourself say 'I need a vacation!', 'I need to get away from this place!', 'I am going crazy!' etc?

Living in a fast paced society, we are easily stressed due to the amount of work we have. Work, school, relationships and many more factors that contribute to our endless stress. When will we truly be stress free?

Many of us don't go on holidays often because of issues like money. We have to save for years before embarking to a Europe trip or even in Asia itself. Flight tickets, accommodation and many things to settle at a high cost!

If we could, everyone would want to escape to their own stress free vacation without having to worry!

Fret not! Veet is here to save you!  \(*T▽T*)/
 *muah* :D

Veet is encouraging women to spare some time away from our hectic life and to immerse ourselves in happiness! Sounds like an awesome plan (≧∇≦)/

Go on holiday with Veet by taking part in their contest!
Top 3 winners stand a chance to win their Dream Vacation worth RM3000!

You get to choose between:
City Getaway - a trip to Kuala Lumpur, activities includes shopping spree and a culinary experience.
Island Escapade: trip to Pangkor Island Beach Resort, to enjoy a Relaxing Spa pamper session.


How to join the contest to win yourself and your friends a holiday? Yup, that's right. You get to bring 3 friends along! Nothing beats sharing the special moments and making memories with people that will make you laugh until your face hurts. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”
Step one: Strike a fun, creative pose with any Veet products and capture it in a picture.
Step two: Log on to Veet Malaysia Facebook Page, Like it and register yourself.
Step three: Invite up to three besties, choose a dream destination, upload the picture and tell Veet why you deserve a vacation!

Submission deadline is on 16th April 2012!

Some tips for participants:

  • Strike a really funny pose :)
  • Tell us why you need to go for a vacation.
  • Encourage as many friends and family to cheer for you.
  • Share the contest with friends via twitter, blog or other social platforms!

After the submission date, get your friends & family to Cheer (aka vote) on your entry! They have to like and register on Veet Malaysia Facebook Page as well before they are able to vote :)

Winners will be announced on 28 May 2012! Three winner will be selected based on 30% cheers and 70% judges decision!

DSC_0377 copy

Veet is also holding a series of "My Real Secret Roadshow" in colleges and universities. You'll get to learn about personal grooming and essential beauty rituals!

Check out their roadshow schedule below ;D

Excited? Don't waste anymore time! Join the contest now at Veet Malaysia Facebook!


  1. i tot hairy leg is sexy leg? but yea.. love your write up

  2. AHAH! Thanks for sharingg!! XD gonna take part in this! woohu!

  3. Your pose with Veet is so cute! Why don't they have it for guys too? *sobs*

  4. woots! thanks for sharing! :D

  5. hahaha..thanks :) How's your holidays? Which continent are u in now?

  6. yes go join and win a holiday :D

  7. Veet is a product for women ma xD You can ask your gf to join :) But do they have this contest in Singpore?

  8. No prob :) Ask ur friends to join it too ^^

  9. i saw it at my campus last week :) didnt know it is the first station of the whole journey

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  10. Holiday with Veet eh! not for me :P