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Mar 24, 2012

Jom Teh Tariklah!

We Malaysians love our mamak sessions accompanied by the usual teh tarik, roti canai etc...
Drawing inspiration from our unique Malaysian culture. Lipton, the world's No.1 tea brand launched its new instant 3-in-1 Lipton Teh Tarik!

Mc Melvin
He's really entertaining and he managed to remember all of the bloggers name that attended the event. Impressive!

With Amelia and Rachelle, enjoying our instant 3-in-1 Lipton Teh Tarik :D

Hugo Verkuil, Marketing Director of Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn. Bhd. demonstrating his teh tarik skills.

Bring an expat, Hugo remembers the first time when  he had a cup of teh tarik. He was intrigued by the act of tea pulling that managed to produce such a humble and aromatic cup of tea. The Lipton team began to search for the perfect teh tarik recipe which is rich in taste, smooth in texture, yet meet expectations of all Malaysian without losing the authenticity of Lipton's signature blend.

It took them 2 years of research to produce the instant 3-in1 Lipton Teh Tarik!

Simultaneously, Lipton as launched their webisode series to highlight 6 typical Malaysian behaviour.
Why? Because we are Malaysian lah~

Check out the first webisode titled 'Malaysia's Public Holiday' above! Injected with a does of humour, I'm sure you'll have a fun time watching it ;) Don't miss out on the other webisodes which will be out soon!

Go and like Lipton's Facebook Page to get the latest updates!
Proud to be Malaysian. Jom Teh Tariklah! :)

Lipton Teh Tarik are available in major supermarkets across Malaysia for RM13.50.

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