May 19, 2014

[May Beauty Haul] Estee Lauder Staff Sale

I am going to start off this post with some serious complaining because it is inevitable. This year, I managed to head over to the Estee Lauder Staff Sale again and the usual routine with my friends is to head over there early to queue. We arrived about 3am was pretty shocked to see people standing up queueing in the wee hours of the morning because in the previous locations, we were allowed to sit down and wait while the doors open. However, this year in Berjaya Times Square Hotel it was the other way round. Those who came to queue early would know because the security and managers kept emphasizing that it is their hotel rule that we are not allowed to sit or eat at the vicinity. Luckily we were allowed to drink water if not there will be some serious problem there. Some came to queue around midnight were forced to stand for about 5 hours!!! It felt like a detention camp!

I understand that hotels have their own rules but like what my friend said as a hotel, instead of making people feel at eased or being hospitable to customers, the situation was hostile and everyone was pretty much irritated and angry at the hotel management. And the thing is that they kept saying that they are 'different' from other hotels where their standards are different, which doesn't help at all because based on their standards that day in terms of hospitality, it was a major disaster. Finally about 5am when EL management discussed with the hotel to let us sit and wait, we were lead to the foyer area next to the hall which was the original area where everyone was supposed to head to. I don't even understand why in the first place that the hotel decided to cordon the entire entrance to the hall and make us stand at the lift area. I hope that EL does not hold their sales at Berjaya ever again. 

Now back to the main purpose of the blog post, which was to share with you my haul from the Estee Lauder Staff Sale! After hours of waiting, we finally get to enter the hall at 8AM after the VIPs who went in an hour earlier. This years haul was mostly skin care where I got Clinique for myself and Estee Lauder products for my mom as I still have the lipsticks and other makeup that I bought from last year which I haven't used up yet. Plus, this year's item were more pricey for the perfume and selection wise, there wasn't much items that caught my interest.

1. Estee Lauder Optimizer
Mom asked to buy this for her again since she finished her previous bottle.

2. Estee Lauder Take It Away Gentle Eye & Lip Remover

3. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye
One of the products that I love but too strong for me if I use it constantly. Bought this for my mom instead.

4. Clinique Clarifying Lotion
One of my favourite toner from Clinique. They didn't have this last year and was happy to see it being on sale this year :D

5. Clinique Moisture Surge
Another gem found as it wasn't on sale last time as well. Really love this moisture surge hydrating gel as it keeps my skin well moisturized. Even though you are supposed to use this after moisturizer, I felt that it suits my skin better when I use it alone instead of slapping on too many stuff that can clog my pores. I accidentally dropped my previous bottle and wasted the sad ._. But now, I'm glad to have it back!

6. Clinique Even Better Concealer
Since my Sephora concealer palette is diminishing, decided to purchase this sine it was only RM40! :D

Headed back to Ipoh with my parents after the sale and literally KO-ed in the car!

What beauty products did you get this month?



  1. Yeah I agree that TS management sucks, why cannot eat? You expect people to stand and not eat for so many hours? And they even scolded a poor girl who was dozing off, he say " NO SLEEPING, WAKE UP" -_____- how lahh? @@

  2. wahhh kena stand so long ah??omg I am feeling lucky becos I come after 5am and thus get to sit.....and u truly a skin care gal hahhaha....

  3. I totally agree Times square management sucks I hope the sale goes back to renaissance next year. I too came early like 2.45 and kept standing and may be that poor girl was me cuz I was told no sleeping.... as@h@les...

  4. Wah lau... so evil one ah they all? Teruk.

    Good thing I only got there around 6 something then... :P