May 31, 2014

[The Butterfly Project x MrLens] Colourvue Contact Lens Review

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Thanks to MrLens and Butterfly Project for the opportunity to review their products! My usual supply was depleting and the contact lenses from MrLens arrived just in time!

MrLens is a Swiss based company that was set up in 2002 to provide consumers with the convenience of shopping online with quality eye-care product, fast service and affordable prices. Today, they are the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major part of Europe. Of course, they have also set up this business in Asia few years ago which definitely brought convenience to the ever growing internet users and online shoppers. 

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There are many varieties available on MrLens website such as Freshkon, Acuvue and some imported brands that is not available in local stores. Since I haven't wore coloured lens for a long time, I decided to choose two colour contact lens from ColourVUE. 

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Wearing the ColourVUE 3 Tones in Violet.

The reason I chose this range is because of the natural looking colour that can be worn for everyday occasion that is not too drastic which makes it look unnatural. It has brown hues in it and violet at the outer ring which makes it really pretty! Besides that, the diameter is also another factor that I consider when buying contact lens as those big eyes, 16mm ones are too big for me. Most of the time, I opt for 14mm ones.

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This is how the contact lens appear during the night. In dark surroundings, the lens will look more brown than violet. But when you are taking pictures with flash, the violet is more outstanding. It is pretty cool because it almost like a changeable coloured lens ;) I've been wearing this lens a lot especially for night time events as it is really soft and comfortable to wear.

Shopping online at MrLens is really easy!

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Step 1: Log on to

Sign up an account if you don't have one yet :)

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Step 2: Browse through the website

Depending on the type of contact lens you are looking for, click on the tabs :)

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Step 3: Select your power and colour

After deciding which lens you are getting, select the power based on your prescription.

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Step 4: Add to cart

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Step 5: Proceed to Checkout

Check whether your shipping address is correct! Or if you have any promo code, add it in to get discounts :)

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Step 6: Select Payment Method
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Step 7: Confirm Order

Make sure your shipping address and orders are correct!

Really easy right? The plus point is they also send over emails to update you on the status of the payment being received, shipment etc. Usually you will receive it the next working day or maximum it will take 3 days.

For more information, visit MrLens
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