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Sep 10, 2012

Drum Tao

Last week was crazy with 5 due dates of assignments and presentation in total! Luckily there was the weekend for me to spend time with my family and friends if not I'll be holed up at home or uni going crazy xD. Anyway, just wanted to share with my experience at the Drum Tao performance few weeks back. It's still a vivid memory because the performance was awesome!

I blogged about the pre-event in July and thanks to Kate, I got a pair of tickets to catch Drum Tao at KLCC Plenary Hall on 24th August.

Brought my mom along since I haven't been spending much time with her due to my final semester! I actually got back from class at 5pm and rushed to KL at 6-ish! Tiring day but it was worth it :D

We sat near the stage so it was a great experience catching the Drum Tao performers up close! Too bad I didn't bring my DSLR because the ticket/website said no photography. Ended up bringing my Canon Ixus which sucks in low light photography. Luckily I managed to get a few acceptable ones...

The opening performance started of slowly teasing the audience for a while, building up curiosity and then BOOM! I was really amazed by the team's performance. You can see all their hard work, sweat n tears poured into perfecting such fine performance. Even the girls have muscles! *Jealous* They were toned n muscular but managed to maintain their poise, femininity and elegance throughout the show.

The 2 performers who were in charge of the comedic section. Hilarious but my mind was shouting more...MORE drum performances xD

It was an interesting show with a mix of martial arts, flute, drums etc. The drums were so huge and I think if I'd carry them my back would break D: Glad that the seats were quite near the stage so I got to see the performers. I was actually admiring 2 male performers who had such nice hair that went 'whoosh' and fall into place nicely during the performance xD

The lady in red!
One of my favourite performers! She's real good in performing a mixture of elegance and energy during the show. It's like every move is calculated and precise *admire*

At the end of the show!
The clapping was non stop! They waved and bowed so many times. Even had an encore performance! I really enjoyed the show and really hope to see them come back to Malaysia soon :D


  1. LOL. I was there but I didn't watch the show. Gave my passes away.

  2. Wow very clear leh! I was there too :D