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Mar 4, 2013

Brunch @ The Red BeanBag

Quick update ;)

Headed over to The Red BeanBag for brunch with my girlfriends during the weekend sometime back.
It was my second time there. Food is yummy as usual :)

 Shroom Shroom, RM25

 RBB's Egg Atlantic, RM18

 Fowl Luck, RM26

 Trouty Mouth, RM18
Yum yum :) Friend ordered this and it looked absolutely tantalizing :D

 The Leeky Duck, RM29

Oreo Cheeze Mille Crepe, RM13
Oreo lovers, you'll love this!


  1. oreo mille crepe!! i never try this before!!! >.<

  2. omg looks absolutely delish! Especially your friend's salmon burger thingy

  3. ooh wow! the Trouty Mouth sure looks good and I love salmon!