Jun 23, 2009

A Day in KL Part 3

Took the LRT to KLCC after that.
While waiting for the train, we played some games in Lizzie's Ipod Touch.
Played the one where u have to shake the sticks out and get your fortune told like the ones in temple.

I got one saying that 'Today is the day where u can have more time for sleep and rest'
Super ulta lo..considering the past few weeks where I've gotten little rest.
How am I suppose to sleep on the day of the street photography outing.

Reached KLCC and they had this logo exhibition.
Had to squeeze around to take pics.


The Colosseum.
Dont know how people can do this.
But they're fucking pro.


After some quality enjoying the air cond time.
We headed out to the park.
We almost didn't want to leave cuz of the air cond =P

More street stuff.


DSC_0142 copy copy

DSC_0188 copy copy

DSC_0210 copy copy

DSC_0205 copy copy


This lil girl here damn cute right?!
Too bad i didn't get to take a clear shot of her.
She's just so adorable!

The not-so-complete group photo cuz

Jared's the photographer &
Amelia is up at Kinokuniya enjoying the aircond =.=

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