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Nov 4, 2010

Konnichiwa UNIQLO! - UNIQLO Malaysia Grand Opening @ Fahrenheit 88

Finally, the long awaited Japanese brand UNIQLO is here in Malaysia! 4th of November marks the launch of its first store in Malaysia at Fahrenheit 88. UNIQLO Malaysia is the largest outlet in Southeast Asia which is 3 storeys high!

Me and Sharmayne decided to be gung ho/crazy and do something that we've never done before, which is to line up in the early morning. Shasha came to my place at 6am and surprisingly we reached KL in just 25 minutes! If only the traffic could be this smooth everyday... Parked the car and searched for the queue to start lining up. About 100 people were there already when we reached, some even came since last night! =O  

Since we have like 4-5 hours to kill, brought along The Lost Symbol to read and also sweet potato for breakfast :)

More and more people started pouring in as time pass. The line even reached to the back of the mall. Some attempted to cut queue and kudos to UNIQLO's management for solving the problem :)

Happy to be an early bird to stand a chance to win a trip to Japan :)

Shasha wants to win too!

After the launch, we finally get to go in store to check out UNIQLO's products! *frenzy mode on*

Staffs giving away free tote bag for the first 1000 customers. The staffs were on high spirit greeting everyone and they're friendly too :) Shasha was saying they were injected with Happy Serum or something. LOL.

Browse walk browse walk...
1st floor is a mix of men and women garment, 2nd floor is for women and 3rd floor is for men!

Leggings :D

winter clothes
They have a lot of pretty winter wear this season. Affordable too :)
Too bad Malaysia is hot, hot, HOT!

Queuing up for the changing room. Sooo many people!

neat to messy
Since UNIQLO is having a special promotion starting today till Sunday, everyone was rushing to get something. Check out the original state and the aftermath as more people came in!

Messy kan? Like war zone xD

Waiting for pay for our items. Unfortunately, the jeans on promotion at RM49.90 doesn't seem to have a nice cut and fit. Changed to a few smaller size but it didn't go to well. Didn't get it in the end. Managed to use some RM20 voucher from GO UNIQLO. Too bad I didn't bring all of them. sheesh.

Happy shoppers! We thought we spend quite a long time in UNIQLO but it was only about an hour and a half. Felt that the ladies outfits wasn't much of a choice. Not my style =\ Ended up getting some tee's from the guys section.

Flabbergasting! There were tons of people queuing up during noon as well which will probably last till the night. UNIQLO must have earned quite a number today...

Still can't hide our joy! We're relief that we actually came at 6.30am if not we'll end up god knows where at the back of the line waiting for hours to get in.

Walked around Fahrenheit 88 and purchased more stuff. 

Sucky Korean food at Pavilion's foodcourt. KimchiHaru ftw!

Random street shot while waiting to cross the road.

Let's see the damage I've done today :(
3 T-shirts for the brother from UNIQLO / Owl shirt from Chapter 8

UNIQLO shirts, fleece jacket, leggings! Some of the leggings are only at RM9.90! Rings and earrings from DooDleaccessories.

My thought of UNIQLO is that the items there are okay. Maybe because most of the collection now are for winter. Not much ladies wear that suited my taste. Shall wait for the next season. Till then, adios :)


  1. omg the love leggings is pretty! hope its still there when i go.

  2. omg! jealous max!

  3. Oohhh can I be your brother? The things you bought for him are awesome! If I print out my vouchers, can I use it on promotional items say, next week? Really wana go to KL just for that!

  4. Now that's what I call having an eventful day!

  5. yeah! that's my favourite purchase at UNIQLO! been searching for smth liddat for some time d xD

  6. hahah..thx! Not sure how long the promotion lasts but you can definitely use the vouchers :)

  7. Ohgosh, exact same stuff from when I was in Japan in July, lol!

  8. hahhaa..not surprised. usually the stores are like that.

  9. It's amazing what u can do with the internet. ^_^ I see you and your friend did a lot of damage.

  10. nice post.. did u queue since 3am ?? next time go buy me tshirt

  11. wohooo! so many himan! JAM MAX!

  12. hahha. this proves that you didn't read my post properly. no t-shirt for you xD
    I was there at 6.30am :)

  13. A very nice entry on the grand opening of Uniqlo. XD

  14. Heard there were loads of people there... must be crazy! So how were the quality of the clothes?

  15. Wow you are the first 500! my friend and I Q like 458? :D
    spend about 3 digit amount there lol

  16. i dont think uniqlo offer my size. i'm chubby ! haha. and plus it's a brand from japan. japanese girls are wayyyy skninnier than me aha :P
    but the clothes are seriously superb ! :D

  17. not bad :) those winter clothes are thick!

  18. hahha cool, still within the 500 people range to win the Jap trip xD

  19. nahh, I'm sure they do :) not all jap ppl are skinny xD

  20. nice rings you've got there! =)

  21. That's a crazyyyyyy amount of people. No one lines up for Uniqlo here in NY lol even when they first opened. I guess they dont get the same type of recognition? But I like how they tailor the jeans for you free of charge!

  22. We should be friends =)

  23. hahah guess so.. really? didn't know they alter the jeans for free.

  24. someone who forgot to ask for your number on that day ^_^

  25. that's really one long queue!
    nice post! :)

  26. that's really one long queue!
    nice post! :)

  27. omg i know who are u! red shirt dude! u stalking our chuennie now ha ! hahaha niceee

  28. hye im from msian student in reading ur blog!btw the interior design of the outlet is 90% same with over here!love uniqlo`s coz its cheap and fashionable!

  29. thanks for visiting :)
    hopefully they'll have more items for the next season because now mostly it's just winter clothings. hehe.

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    LAMASI Café @ Fahrenheit