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Dec 11, 2010

Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

 Been anticipating this movie since the trailer was out and I've finally gotten the chance to watch the show! Thanks to JC for the free ticket :) Watched it in 2D.

 The movie started off with the Pevensie siblings, Edmund and Lucy staying with their cousin Eustace Scrubb. 3 of them were drawn into Narnia through a painting of a ship at the sea and was brought onto the Dawn Treader ship. Together, they embark on a journey with King Caspian, although Eustace was less enthusiastic in the beginning.

Eustace's character annoyed me at the beginning. I must say, the Dawn Treader ship is truly magnificent. Out they were to sail across the seas to look for the seven lost Lords of Narnia to get the seven magical swords to defeat evil.
 Lucy and the Dufflepuds. This was a pretty hilarious scene.

 Lucy made snow from a spell from The Book of Incantations.

 The blue star guiding them.

Eustace and Reepicheep.

 The Dawn Treader sailed until the end of the world.

Edmund, Lucy and Eustace returns to their own world.

Personally I found this movie pretty disappointing. The previous Narnia movies were better though The Dawn Treader has better visuals. The pace of the movie was pretty draggy and there wasn't much to anticipate in the movie. The trailer was more intense and adventurous but the movie proved otherwise. I found it ironic when the sea serpent was killed by lighting and falls into the sea. and my group and friends literally went 'wtf?!' during that scene.

I rate 5/10 for this movie.
No doubt, Ben Barnes makes a great eye candy for the movie :P


  1. I agree that The Voyage of Dawn Treader is somehow disappointing compared to the previous two! D:

  2. I find it disappointing too! I think it was a little boring and most of the time, I looked around the cinema while watching! :( I actually rated it 5/10 but then i changed to 6 HAHAHA just in case someone thinks it's worth a 10

  3. yeah :( hope the next one would improve...

  4. hahha..I wanted to give it a 4..but I +1 because of Ben Barnes :P

  5. just watched the movie..yup agree with u..the movie quite so-so~

  6. Havent watch .. sob sob.. anyone wanna go watch let me know yea