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Oct 3, 2011

An Experiential Discovery with Rexona

Did you know?

  • Six out of ten Malaysians do not use deodorant.
  • 65% of Malaysians often joke about their friends’ body odour but the brutal truth is that they are actually serious about it.
  • The five causes of sweat (light movement, heat, stress, humidity and emotions) are inevitable in people’s daily routines and have a silent effect without them realising it 
In order to raise awareness  of one's personal care regime, Rexona invited us to their 'Don't Sweat It with Rexona' themed event. It was to reveal the five causes of sweat and break myths about body odour!

Although most of us are sitting in air-conditioned places most of the time, it doesn't mean we don't sweat!
Rexona prepared some activities for us to experience the causes of sweat :)

Light movements!
Chose bowling as the game of choice and I was pretty good at it even though I suck in reality.... *cough*

The lights surrounding us were hot! Started sweating after a while...

Got our pretty polariods taken :)

Punching away the stress :P

Weather also plays a role in sweating. With the humid weather here, there's no way that none will not sweat?
Sometimes the rain just make the weather hotter :(

Some people sweat when they get nervous etc.. with that, Rexona presented us with the screening of Dream House :)

By the looks of the poster, it seems like horror movie but it's not. The concept is similar to Shutter Island but with more twist. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly! Some parts were quite touching as well... I rate this movie 7/10 :D

Sweat is not the cause of body odour but the bacteria that breaks down our sweat. To ensure staying fresh all day, using Rexona is recommended!

Thanks to Edelman and Rexona for the invites :)


  1. so i'm 1/6 of those who don't use deodorant.. haha :P
    used to use back then, just for the nice fragrant..

  2. I'm inside 4/10 who uses deodorant, but sometimes I don't bother to use as well :P 

  3. i saw u there! ahahah~ and i saw a pic of my date up there! hehe. Sorry didn't get to take any pics with u though. was busy playing virtual table tennis. hehe

  4. haha...well if you don't sweat much then I guess it's ok :)

  5. Me too! I don't use it everyday :)

  6. Nice seeing you there too :) No worries about it. hahah. Yup I took a pic of ur date xP

  7. I am another who don't use deodorant and I don't sweat much too unless i am exercising.