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Oct 16, 2011

Freshkon Alluring Eyes

They say 'the eyes are window to the soul'. A person's eyes can tell you so much about their emotions and true feeling. 

Bigger and brighter eyes instantly? Cosmetic lenses is the way to go!

I've been using many brands of contact lens but most of the time I wear my specs because my eyes get dry and tired easily.

Thanks to Avante and Freshkon, I got to try out the Freshkon Alluring Eyes lens. Along with the usual colour of Mystical Black and Winsome Brown, Freshkon has also came out with 2 new colours which is Mesmeric Black and Magnetic Grey :)

Although my eye colour is dark brown, I chose Winsome Brown because I like cosmetic lenses that are more natural :)

IMG_5278 copy
Love the colour and how it makes my eyes looks bigger! I have sleepy eyes which makes me look exhausted all the time. It's really comfortable too! Doesn't irritate my eyes :D

Freshkon Alluring Eyes is a full circle print lens which has 55% water content and last up to 8 hours! It also has a higher DK value which transmits more oxygen to the eye for better comfort and healthy eyes!

IMG_5350 IMG_5376
Freshkon Alluring Eyes is a monthly disposable lens where you can use it daily for college, work and even parties which will instantly give you bigger and brighter eyes! It works great for masquerade themed events because the contact lens highlights your eyes as most of your face features are covered by the mask.

Besides that, Freshkon is also having a model search contest! If you're using Freshkon Alluring Eyes lenses, do participate :)
You'll stand a chance to win amazing prizes!
1st Prize : RM1000 + One Year Supply of Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses
2nd Prize : RM800 + One Year Supply of Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses
3rd Prize : RM500 + One Year Supply of Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses
7 Consolation Prize : Half Year Supply of Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Join the contest on Freshkon Malaysia Facebook Page!


  1. I should have chose winsome brown instead of grey ): 

  2. wow! looks pretty on you! =D

    good luck in the competition! =D

  3. pretty big eyes :D all the best in your contest! :D

  4. I like  mesmeric black <3<3 

  5. You look fresh with this lens, good way to cover up especially on days when you lack of sleep.

  6. Grey looks close to black? I guess it's because of the natural shade but you still look nice in it :)

  7. Haha yup, made my eyes look bigger. Thanks :)

  8. ohhh :) Black doesn't suit me though :/

  9. Thanks :)

    Yea, it does open up the eyes.

  10. I love winsome brown too *high 5* :)