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Mar 8, 2012

Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale

I found out about Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale through Facebook and decided to check it out this morning since I have no classes and also get some new shoes at a discounted price. Most of them were off season but they are still pretty anyway :) It is my first time participating in a warehouse sale. Reach at 11am and there were already tons of people there!

It was held in a basement parking lot so it is super stuffy! People filled the front and it was pretty hard to check out the shoes because the service was slow. No pictures of the crowd as I was busy trying to get my shoes. Those who were there will know what was it like. There weren't many choices of bags and wallets that I liked..most looked pretty average and quite pricey. Just head over to the shoes section will do!

There are sections of belts and bags then shoes at 50% discount, RM19-RM29, RM39-RM49 and RM59-RM79. Oddly, I saw some shoes priced at RM100+

Few things to point out:
1. They let too many people in at once. Though I've never been to a warehouse sale before, but from what I heard...others usually limit the amount of people to get in to purchase their items. I went in at 11 and the crowd was pouring in. Wasn't sure after that whether they still let people in freely or did some crowd control. Too many people = messy and high demand. Bigger venue next time please? And hopefully more air ventilation.

2. Lack of staff. This is their first warehouse sale..but they should not underestimate the amount of customers. Less than 8 staff per counter vs 30-50 customers is not going to work. Plus the amount of shoes people's gonna take them time to find. They are also overwhelmed by the amount of customers request which slows down the service. Kudos to them for being patient but they really need to speed up their service.

3. Unorganized. Some staff tend to stick to one side of the counter and those at the other side get ignored. People have to wait for like 40 mins to get their shoe? And some staff can't find where the shoes are located then they are just gonna say no stock =.=

I was there for 4 hours ++ and only managed to get 5 pairs. So one pair takes 1 hour? I was patient enough to wait..some people left after a while. Some staff say they can't find the size or no more stock but in fact there are still stock for some. I had to ask them more than 5 times to get it for me before they acknowledge my request...sigh. Everyone was complaining due to the slow service. 

One incident where I ask different staffs to find a snakeskin printed gladiator sandals. All of them told me out of stock...but when I went to the other side to is located at the bottom of the rack and JUST facing the counter!!! During my last round, I saw the tables from the RM19-RM29 sections were on the floor. Lol...I guess people were already impatient and some people just want to get a look at the shoes hence the pushing.

These 5 pairs are my purchase. I am really happy with it! Don't need anymore new shoes for the year :D There are many gorgeous heels that I spotted on people's hand but I can't seem to find much due to the crowd. After a while I just gave up and head home with my lovely shoes ^^

Some tips for those of you who are heading to Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale for the next few days:
1. Wear thin clothes, t-shirts or whatever you are comfy in. Cotton is the best cause you're gonna sweat like mad! Don't wear blazers or your precious/favourite clothes because it's like a warzone! With people pushing and everything, you stuff might get damaged.

2. Bring a clutch with your money, phone and credit card. Big bags tend to get in the way. They give recycle bags to put your shopping in.

3. Bring a handkerchief and a small bottle of water! It's gonna be hot and sweaty inside there and there is no one selling bottled water outside except for ice cream? Hydrate yourself...don't faint. And if you feel dizzy go out to get some fresh air :)

4. Patience! Since they are understaffed, you have to REALLY wait to get your turn. If you can't wait..then don't bother going at all. 

5. Don't forget your shoe boxes! You need it to purchase your shoes with the shoes boxes, otherwise they can't scan the price and you can say goodbye to your shoe or go through another hassle to find the shoe box which you will mostly likely not find it.

5. If you see someone holding a shoe that you like, don't hesitate to ask them to help you get your size instead of waiting forever :)

6. After all your shopping, head over to the corner and try all your shoes plus check for defects before paying! If you don't mind a minor scratch then its ok. I had this shoe that lost a buckle and only noticed it when I put all my things down to try on. Clear your mind ;P

Charles & Keith I really love your shoes but please improve on your warehouse sale service :)
I guess most warehouse sale are similar? Broke my warehouse sale virginity. LOL. Looks like I won't be going for one anytime soon. Exhausted after spending a few hours in the warehouse~


  1. I'd really love to go and check it out but I hate squeezing in large crowd D: 

  2. i guess all the warehouse sales are like that? everyone go insane! 

  3. Hmmm try and go early in that case? Or bring you boyfriend along to help. haha..

  4. Haha.. I guess so? It's my first time in a warehouse sale some more.

  5. Fuh glad I didn't go... I'll faint if it's too stuffy!

  6. I wanna go!!! XO Imma a shoe freak!!!

  7. lucky am not a big fan of their shoes!!!! how i wish got bags for sale !!! like u said hope they improved their management in organising this !!  anyway u got some nice haul for urself... keng!!! Lucky u .. i think my size sure gone liao by 2nd day...

  8. if you really hv the patience to wait and don't mind the crowd and stuffiness, do check it out as there are some really good buys :)

  9. Haha...must get something from there if not it will be a total waste of time after all d suffering xD they don't have much variety of bags :( plus only clutches n small bags all so expensive. Hopefully they will learn their lesson and organize a better one next time..

  10. Seriously, 8 staff to man a ware house sale is suicidal.  No wonder its easier to say "no stock" and to join the tsunami.  Lack of serious logistic planning on Charles and Keith side.  Valliram folks - listening in?    

  11. Haha...its not 8 staff for the whole warehouse. It's less than 8 staff per counter. I heard that they increased the manpower after the first day but it's still not enough because of the amount of people. Let's hope their next warehouse sale would be more organized and held in a better environment.