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Jul 18, 2012

Summer in Clinique Beach Party 2012 @ Sunway Lagoon Wave Pool

*picture credit to Amelia Chantalle
This year, Clinique decided to take things differently by having a beach party and a cover girl search. 2 in 1! Sounds fun? Participants stood a chance on being on the cover of CLEO and COSMOPOLITAN and also have fun in the sun! Auditions were held in the morning and the party starts in the afternoon!

Get yourself cooled down under the hot sun!

Sunblock is definitely a must! Combat from harmful UV rays and avoid getting sunburnt!

Clinique makeover booth. Decided to opt out from this since I was sweating and the hot weather didn't help. But those who did the makeover looked gorgeous!

 The opening performance was by ECX Dance Crew!

JJ & Ean on stage hosting the game session with the public. It was called the Avengers Catwalk. The guys posed like Hulk, Ironman and even Black Widow! was fun to watch :)

Awesome performances by beatboxer Shawn Lee! Enjoyed the songs performed by Dayang Nurfaizah as well. K Town Clan definitely put on the party mode and hyped up the crowd with their energetic performance of dubstep and LMFAO songs :D

With the pretty Xue Ren!

 Bump into my secondary school friend, Shiang Leit!

 There were also booths for us girls to get some funky hair wraps!

 How bout some airbrush tattoos?

 Getting my hair wrap done and also gotten the airbrush tattoo! I was hoping for the tattoo to be smaller but it was pretty big :O But still nice :)

*picture credit to Clinique Malaysia
Around 3pm they announched the winners of the Clinique Summer Girl Search!
 You'll get to see them on the covers of CLEO & COSMOPOLITAN :)


  1. I like your wavy curls! No aftermath photo of the hairwrap? Whoa, that sure is a big tatoo! Btw, why didn't you all go dipping in the pool? 

  2. Like your hair wrap and nice tattoo!! Why didn't I noticed it the other day?

  3. So glad to meet u that day babe!! and i like ur tattoo! =P

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  5. nice event with a very stylish tattoo :D


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