Sep 30, 2014

INDULGE, the first luxury cinema in TGV 1 Utama

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When the word 'cinema' comes to mind, you will think of long queues for tickets, occasionally uncomfortable seatings, and rushing to get the best seats so you don't have to suffer the consequences of seating in the front row which will result in neck ache.

TGV Cinemas recently launched two exclusive cinema halls that comes with its own private ticketing counter, lounge and dining area! Indulge is TGV Cinemas' latest unique cinema concept that represents the essence of style coupled together with the concept of cinema.

Thank to Butterfly Project for organizing the Butterfly Girls Night Out where we get to indulge in a fun night of luxury with food, chatter and movie. It was great catching up with the bloggers as I have not been to a number of Butterfly Project event for a while now due to work and I am glad to have joined the event! Everyone was dressed very glamorous and sexy as the theme was dress to kill!

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Indulge is located inside TGV One Utama itself, where at a moment you will forget that you are actually in a cinema due to the lounge setting that welcomes you with the soft jazzy tones.

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The rich purple and silver facade makes the entire area look classy

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Check out the cool bar!

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I love the fact that Indulge serves food so that you don't have to walk around thinking what to eat and then rushing back to the cinema when the movie is starting. You can just chill and eat comfortably while waiting for the movie to start.

While waiting for the food to be served, we took some pictures at the 123 Cheese photo booth where we had a fun choosing props and doing silly poses!

Besides the photo booth, Muse by Watsons was there to showcase the skincare brand 'Indeed Laboratories' where we got to take back one of the product with us. There products that was introduced were:
1. Nanoblur - skin perfecting cream that minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores
2. Pepta-Bright - a moisture rich cream that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots while promoting overall skin radiance.
3. Retinol Reface - A deritative of vitamin A that is considered to be one of the most effective ingredients to help reduce visible signs of aging.

Let the feast begin!
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Smoked Duck Salad
Smoked duck breast served with mesclun greens, capsicum, and skewed kiwi with balsamic dressing

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Pumpkin Salad
Rocket leaves with honey roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, and capsicum with balsamic dressing

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Stuffed Potato Skins
Potato skins stuffed with turkey bacon and mozzarella

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Lamb Koftas
Lamb patties served with green salad

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Grilled Salmon
Served with seasonal vegetables and lemon butter sauce

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Grilled Lamb Rack
Served with seasonal vegetables and rosemary sauce

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Cajun Chicken
Grilled boneless chicken thigh with Cajun seasoning

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Panna Cotta
Italian cooked cream topped with raspberry

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Nutty Tortilla Banana
Tortilla filled with peanut butter, cornflakes and freshly sliced banana

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After our delicious meal, the winners for the best dressed were announced! They get to bring back products from Muse by Watsons.

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We then moved on to the cinema hall to watch the movie.

The cinema hall is really impressive with spacious seats that is fitted with reclining chairs!

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They even have a mini table at the side which enables you bring food in via the personalized call-waiter-service.

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Another amazing thing is these lovely blankets at Indulge that keep you warm when enjoy a movie. Most of the time, cinema halls are freezing which is not helpful to people like me who are afraid of the cold where even one layer of jacket does not help which sometimes spoil my mood as I am feeling cold most of the time and not able to enjoy my movie. With this blanket, it keeps me warm and I am able to snuggle up comfortably and enjoy my movie without worrying about getting frozen!

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Happy me being tucked in comfortable before the movie starts

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A picture with Caroline

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Movie buddy of the night - Cindy! We have both watched Lucy before so we were sat comfortably while discussing certain parts that we don't understand. It's a nice movie but some parts were quite confusing to me. Overall, it was a great night out with everyone from the Butterfly Project and of course being in Indulge itself was a whole new cinematic experience :)

Indulge is opened from 11am with tickets priced at RM45 (not including meals). For more information about Indulge and to book tickets, please log on to or via TGV Cinemas' Movie Buddy app which is available on both Apple App and Google Play Store.

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