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Dec 26, 2012

Kafe Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

*picture credits to Amelia*
Right after waking up from our nap, we headed over to Komtar Walk for the Penang Road Chendul in the afternoon. According to Stephy it is the same one as the Penang Road, and this one serves food, plus we get to sit :) It was raining while we were seated so we slowly enjoyed our food ^^

Front: Durian Chendul - Back: Original Chendul
Being a durian lover, I absolutely loved the durian chendul. Bits of durian were in there and it boosted the taste of the chendul. But my friends said it was too sweet for them. Nevertheless, I got to eat most of it :P LOL. The original chendul is nice too!

This was mediocre. Not enough oomph in the sauce!

Asam Laksa
This is the best asam laksa I've came across in Penang so far. Nom nom nom! Very rich in taste and flavour :D Savoured every single bit of it.

Service can be quite slow due to the limited amount of staff. But there is always a joy waiting for good food ;)

Kafe Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (Komtar Walk):
21, Komtar Walk,
Jalan Penang 10000,
Georgetown, Penang.
Mon - Fri: 10.30AM - 7PM
Sat - Sun: 10AM - 7.30PM
Check out their website for more of their outlets!


  1. you should go there one by the road side. somewhere near komtar too! its famous and ncier for chendol!

  2. I prefer going to the original one at Penang Road, it has more local feeling compare to this! =)

  3. The cendol is abundance!

  4. saw lots of people there plus it was going to rain so the shop was a better choice at that time xD shall try it next time!

  5. shall check it out the next time I visit Penang :)

  6. yup! Worth the money paid and yummy too ^^

  7. Yeah!!! One more thing, thanks for sharing the durian chendul, now only I know Penang has durian chendul. I thought Malacca has it only. =D

  8. I didn't know they are of the same, I saw this cafe the other day and I was like why they copy the one from Penang road lol but they sure are generous with their cenduls lolol

  9. Looks really good. I am a huge fan of cendol. I must check this out when I visit Penang. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow! Drooling at the cendol, rojak and asam laksa! I must go Penang!!!