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Jan 14, 2013

Amelie Cafe @ Armenian Street, Penang

Update: Amelie Cafe has closed down. They have opened new cafe called  Cozy in the Rocket in:
262&264, Lebuh Panti (Beach Street), Georgetown, Penang.

One of our cafe checklist in Penang was Amelie Cafe. Heard a lot of great reviews about this place. Luckily, we headed into the cafe right before it started raining. You might miss this place due to the massive amount of plants covering up the cafe. Plus, the entrance is pretty small. Love the concept of the cafe but there is lack of ventilation. Can get pretty stuffy. Price wise, I would think it's expensive. I would rather sit in an air conditioned restaurant or cafe and pay the same amount of money for my food. They have this rule too, where everyone must order 1 drink. Never got the chance to try out their food, but looks pretty good. Maybe during my next trip. Loved the drink that I ordered. Mix of banana and lime which was very refreshing after being under the sun for a few hours :)

Amelie Cafe
6, Armenian Street,
Georgetown , Penang
Wed to Sun


  1. i went when i was small ><

  2. woah, the deco is awesome! love it! :)

  3. I heard good reviews from this place. And I hear they don't allow photographing right?Everyone MUST order one drink? So if not then we can't go? It does look really nice.

  4. should said you are lucky to get a seat there. =p
    place quite small and always packed with customers.

  5. wanted to go in but it seems run down from outside. ended up gohkaki. LOL

  6. I was there last week. They seem to have moved.

  7. Yep, everyone must order one drink according to the waitress :/ About photographing, saw people taking photos that time so I just took one too. lol. Check out the place if you can :)