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Apr 10, 2013

Just Gorgeous, Just You @ The Great Guardian Makeover

Thanks to The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers and Guardian Malaysia, I got to attend The 6th Great Guardian Makeover last Saturday at Center Court (Old Wing) in One Utama. Personal grooming is important as well as our own health! Themed 'Just Gorgeous, Just You', the Great Guardian Makeover aim is for their customer to discover a look that brings confidence and personal satisfaction plus discovering the latest range of health and beauty products in the market.

With 3 ladies posing on the stage, I was quite curious about the concept. When the event started, they broke into an energetic dance and 'transformed' into a butterfly, bringing out the confidence and beauty in them.  

10 lucky Guardian Facebook fans also received a makeover and did a catwalk at the event.

Customers who purchased a minimum of RM30 from Guardian including one product from the sponsors were given a makeover for only RM10! They also got a goodie bag :)

Many ladies were waiting in turn for their makeover :) Hair and makeup is done by professional make-up artists from the 'A Cut Above' academy. There was also a photoshoot after the makeover where you get to bring back a picture!

L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, Alcon, Avene, Blackmores, Bio Essence, Brands, Enchanteur, Guardian, Hada Labo, Neutrogena, NH Detoxslim, Nutox, Nivea, O'slee, Palmers, ROC and Safi are the 18 participating brands at the Great Guardian Makeover! They will be having promotions and featuring their latest products! You can get them at a discounted price too ^^

Maybelline products are used for the makeover.

Jq getting her makeover.

*credits to Anne for this picture*
Thanks to the team who did my makeup and hair! Haha.. Especially Michael who gave my boring hair some curls and also being patient with my thick and stubborn hair xD  Tried to straighten my fringe but it has its own will...wouldn't budge. After a while my fringe went back to the original

With Anne and Kahmon! Fringe looked weird on the left pic when it was just straightened.

Love the eye shadow the makeup artist applied for me! Usually I don't use brown eyeshadows because the colour makes me look extra tired. But this one was nice with the glitter. Would consider buying in next time ^^

It was a fun day at the Great Guardian Makeover. Got to meet bloggers as well :) The makeover was held on 6th and 7th April only, but promotions and other activities will be held until 14th April :D


  1. Love your hair makeover! Looks so soft and got volume hehe :D

  2. Looks like you guys having fun there! :D Too bad I can't go that day! D:

  3. Great catchin up with you and the girls that day!! Feels so happy to have a day out with you girls like this!! =D

  4. Fewwittt~ banyak leng luis. Iris would've loved to attend this haha

  5. your forehead very high leh... like it.. mine short like mad...

  6. Great to have makeover. Looking good! :D

  7. u look lovely wIth romantIc bIg curls!too bad I can't attend tat day...cya!:)

  8. lol nice makeover! i need it too! =D

  9. It was great catching up with u too ^^ Hope we can go to the tea party! hehe

  10. Thank you :) Join the Guardian makeover next year! ^^

  11. hahaa...where is she! will let her know for the next one :)

  12. Where got's just nice :)

  13. Thanks :) I need to perm my hair soon! haha..out of shape d. See you around :D

  14. i love your curls!!! so pretty! :)