May 9, 2013

Bag of Love Unboxing/Unzipping Tea Party

Hello lovely people :) Sorry for the lack of updates! There is tons of work to do lately, hence I have less time to update nowadays T_T Have loads of post to share with you readers so please bear with me. Haha...

If you have seen my one of my previous post about a tea party, it was to join the Bag of Love Unboxing /Unzipping Tea Party ^^ Bag of Love is an amazing beauty bag that has 5 deluxe sample size beauty products. Out of all the beauty boxes here in Malaysia, this one appealed to me the most after reading all the reviews from other bloggers!

I was estatic to be selected as one of the bloggers to attend the Bag of Love Unboxing/Unzipping Tea Party! It was held in Delectable Treats by Su at Paradigm Mall. This tea party is a joint collaboration between Butterfly Project, Bag of Love and Delectable by Su! I have always love the stuff at Delectable but never had the chance to tried them yet and at this tea party, I finally get to try out their yummy desserts :D

As I reached Delectable by Su for the tea party, I immediately fell in love with the display of desserts and cakes available for us that day! Everything looks too good to be eaten!

Roasted nuts in sweet little cups.

Bag of Love and Butterfly Project cupcakes :D

Cute little teapot. I kept thinking that this teapot will transform into a carriage like Cinderella xD

Mi Mi and Tammy who are the Bag of Love and Butterfly project respective founders. Mi Mi is a mother of two, previously worked as a beauty writer in top fashion and beauty magazines. Now, she is the brainchild for the Bag of Love. She is a really sweet and friendly person! Can feel her genuine personality oozing out as she gave a speech about Bag of Love :) Her experience as a beauty writer has definitely helped Bag of Love become one of the top beauty boxes/bag in Malaysia. She knows what the customers want! 

I am sure most of you know Tammy, who needs no further introduction...kidding! Most of you know her blog, Plus Size Kitten where she does all the awesome reviews about beauty products, etc. She is also the founder of The Butterfly Project, a beauty blogger community where she organizes review opportunities for bloggers, collaborate with beauty brands, organizing contests and so many more! I really admire her energetic and bubbly personality where even though she has a full time job, she still manage to do all these amazing projects! Respect :D

With my Bag of Love!
This month's bag of love is made of bleach-free canvas in support of Earth Month! Even though it is canvas, it very durable and spacious too! Love the products that are in April's Bag of Love. Could see the smile on everyone's faces when we opened the Bag of Love together :)

Delectable by Su is having their Tea Time Treats promotion everyday where you only need to pay RM15 for 1 pax or RM28 for 2 pax! Very affordable and you get a variety of sweet & savoury treats  :D Will definitely come back here with my friends when we want to have our ladies tea time session!

Look at the yummy tea time treats! It includes:
Spicy Sausage Puff
Chocolate Macaron
Roasted cashews
Carrot cake
Moist chocolate cake
2 Delectable cookies
Cherry Almond cake

I didn't get to try all of them as there was seriously SO much food that I can't take in anymore...haha. But I  generally like this tea set. Loved the chocolate macaron! It was soft and chewy, plus it wasn't super sweet. Everything was done nicely. Carrot cake was yummy too! Thank you Tammy for preparing so much for us.

Picture with the lovely Mi Mi and awesome Tammy!
All of us bloggers definitely had a great time chatting and having our tea time treats at the Bag of Love Unzipping Party. After getting stuffed from the yummy desserts, it is time to go around to mingle and have photo sessions with the bloggers!

With Angeline and Choulyin

Jennifer, me and Kahmon

With Kay and Swee San

With Cindy and Newrulefarah

(Clockwise from top left) With Farisha, Sabrina, Reiko and Lina

Had a great time at the Bag of Love Unboxing/Unzipping Tea Party! So much fun that no words can describe it. Lol! Stay tuned for my review on April's Bag of Love :D

For more information, visit:
Bag of Love

Butterfly Project

Delectable by Su


  1. sallywallyyy.blogspot.comMay 10, 2013 at 10:15 PM

    Cute dress you got there! :)

  2. the teapot so cute... haha... they should have events for men too! :P

  3. Su Fang (Careen)May 12, 2013 at 3:06 PM

    everything in the tea party is so adorable! :)

  4. The teapot is cute indeed! The tea time treats look delicious! : )

  5. those roasted nut attracted me the most. >.< lol

  6. you all had so much fun! awesome! and i like ur dress!

  7. haha! i mmg in love with this bag alrdy hahaha! =P