Mar 4, 2014

Getting Fit with Samsung GALAXY Life!

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I've been using Samsung phone for a couple of years already and they recently came up with an app called Samsung GALAXY Life. The GALAXY Life app offers exclusive privileges, awesome deals and rewards that matches your own interest.

As a person who loves a good deal, I downloaded the app immediately to check out what are the latest offers that GALAXY Life has to offer. There is a total of seven categories in this app which is live, entertain, learn, play, connect, work and surprise. 

My personal favourite is the 'live' section where I get to see the latest deals in town and also read up on some interview articles. I have been eyeing on some of the deals already and the first one I redeemed is the 10 day free trial at Celebrity Fitness!

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I choose to redeem the free trial at Celebrity Fitness as I felt the need to begin my workout routine again because ever since I started working, I barely had time to exercise. The lack of exercise has made me feel tired most of the time and I am determined to get back to my healthy lifestyle!

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Headed over to Celebrity Fitness in Bangsar Village II after my office hours. Excited to be back in the gym again after so long! Like me, there are many others who go to the gym after work to get in shape because after sitting in the office for almost the whole day, we need to get the other muscles moving!

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It is very easy to redeem the deals using the GALAXY Life app. You just have to be at the location of the merchant and press the redeem button. After that, a code will appear and you'll have to show it to the merchant at the counter to verify your redemption. Then, you're good to go!

Do note that you only have 1 hour before the coupon expires, so the best time to redeem the deal is when you're at the place itself!

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You'll get towels and also a card for your locker after you've redeemed the coupon. I like that Celebrity Fitness uses this security card instead of the normal locker where you have to bring your own lock. I feel that this is so much safer as it has a unique code where it recognizes the card that you are holding. You can choose from any non occupied locker of course! :)

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After changing from my office attire into my gym gear at the changing room, it is time to start working out!

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There are classes offered in Celebrity Fitness such as Body Combat, Line Dance, Yoga, Aerobic, Muay Thai and many more where you can join that suits your interest if you don't only want to use the machines. I find gym classes fun and interactive.

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Personalized workout is also available if you want to have a private trainer to customize your workout and train you as well.

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Check out this monster! You'll have to use all fours for this workout. It's similar to rock climbing where the machine moves constantly following your steps.

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There are many equipment and machines available for your workout session depending on which body area you would like to tackle. Personally, I would concentrate on my bottom half but I also balance the workout occasionally.

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My favourite section is always the treadmill where I go for a 15-20 minutes warm out session before going to any classes or continuing with other machines.

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Time to shower after getting sweaty!

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Another section of the ladies locker room also has an area where you get to blow dry your hair and apply makeup etc before heading home or to your next destination!

New deals are available every week and it is hassle-free to redeem these offer with Samsung GALAXY Life. The app can be downloaded on  for free at

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  1. wow that treadwall thing is really eyeopener for me! =O