Apr 11, 2014

A healthy twist to KLGCC's menu!

Meals at golf clubs are often associated with selections of club sandwiches, sinful finger goods or possible choices at are usually limited to a golfer's palate. The exclusive Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club's (KLGCC) culinary team was set to create an additional menu with one objective in mind - to take your palate around the globe with a healthy twist.

Thanks to Dila for the invitation, I got the chance to taste KLGCC's latest dishes! Headed over to KLGCC after work and luckily the traffic wasn't too bad and I arrived on time. We got introduced to Executive Chef, Arnold Kwok during the tasting session. He said that as society is becoming more health conscious, KLGCC also want to serve healthy meals that will appeal to all age range.

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[L-R] Citrus Kiwi, Apple Spinach, Tumeric Veggie and Mango Berries

The first item that was served was a variety of blended juices. Different from the normal juices, these healthy blended variety keeps the fruit whole and the fibre intact so that the nutrients are supplied in the right amount. Among the four, my least favourite will be the Apple Spinach and Tumeric Veggie. Couldn't get used to the taste of blended vegetables even though there are other fruit as well. I would happily go for the Mango Berries or Citrus Kiwi any day! :D

These healthy blended juices is a great way to start your day especially by washing down all the good nutritions the first thing in the morning!

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Baked Vegetable Fritata

Just so you know, the food tasting we had are in small or moderate portion. If we tried the exact portion that KLCGG's serving, our tummy is going to burst! The full sized dish will be at the end of the post ;)

Filled with wholesome ingredients like Omega 3 eggs, mushroom, broccoli, bell Peppers, carrots, onion, tomato and herbs, this is a healthy vegetarian dish that provides sufficient calories to start off the day. The herbs also adds some spice to give a kick to the dish.

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Tuna Guacamole Salad

Served with a generous amount of tuna chunks and guacamole, this salad also has Omega 3 egg, tomato, black olive, onions and seasonal salad on the side. The creamy pine nut dressing with a hint of spiciness definitely opens up the appetite.

 photo DSC_3958-2.jpg
Almond Zucchini Bread & Banana Nut Muffin

What's unique about this two baked items is that the types of flour used is very healthy indeed! Almond flour is used to baked the bread and your can definitely taste and smell the fragrance of the almond which is oh-so-yummy! As for the banana but muffin, coconut flour is used to baked the muffin with no refined sugar. It's not overly sweet like the usual muffins and I love the fact that the taste of nut is overall present in the muffin and has a hint of banana in it.

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Salmon with Warm Tomato Relish

The fragrant butter seared fresh Norwegian salmon is one of my favourite dishes as it is not too oily. The tomato relish is great with the tomato, black olive, onions, capers, basil and some vinegar to pair with the salmon.

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Seared Beef Strip Lion

Well-done beef with Cilantro Chimicurri sauce that goes well with the meat and some healthy steamed vegetables at the side. The surprising thing is that this dish is served with sweet potato mash that is mixed with coconut milk and fresh ginger! Having a sweet potato mash is a first time for me and I love it!

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Thai Green Curry Chicken

I love Thai green curry but this dish it quite mild for my taste as I prefer it to be spicier and usually the texture of the green curry is more creamy. Served with an option of brown rice or caul-rice, I was quite intrigued by the caul-rice as it doesn't taste like any rice I have eaten before. I was surprised when the chef said that it is actually cauliflower mashed with onion, sweet potato, chili flake and herbs! Definitely a healthy option than the normal white rice, and tasty too! :D

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Feeling stuffed from the earlier dishes, we had dessert served and I couldn't resist! There is always room for dessert ;)

We had a mixture of sliced seasonal fruits, sweet potato pie, warm mix berries and coconut ice cream. At first the sweet potato pie was a little bland and dry for my taste. But pairing it with the coconut ice cream, it definitely taste better. The warm mix berries is also served with coconut ice cream to balance the sour taste of the berries, and it is a great dessert to end your meal with. The crowd's favourite was definitely the coconut ice cream!

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A picture with KLGCC's Executive Chef,  Arnold Kwok

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Some of the blogger and media friends!

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KLGCC Golfer's Terrace Healthy Menu is available from April onwards. For more information, please contact KLGCC at 03 2093 111 ext 3622/3619 or visit www.klgcc.com

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