Apr 17, 2014

Markets @ Jaya One [Easter Extravaganza]

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Markets at Jaya One is an ongoing bazaar that happens every few months. I've been missing out on their events for a couple of times already and finally found time to go! At Markets, there are various stalls that caters for fashion, F&B, and arts. There are lots of knick knacks to discover there.

As Evelyn was late due to the LRT being faulty, I manage to run some errands in Jaya One and coincidentally bumped into my cousin and her friend who was at the bazaar shopping too! We hanged around for a little while before going our separate ways as Evelyn and Shasha had arrived. This time at Markets, there are more booths both outdoor and indoor at The School. Thank goodness for indoor air conditioning!

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One of the first store that I bought from was Habitatt Supply Co. They produce temporary tattoos which is pretty cool and also reminds me of my childhood when there are loads of funky temporary tattoos around. The temporary tattoo's are actually printed on soy based ink which is non toxic. It lasts more than 3 days depending on how you take care of it.

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They were selling at a special promo price of any 3 pieces for RM8. Normally, each of their items are priced at RM8 each. A pretty good deal and of course, I bought some of it!

These are the two I designs that I got the friendly staff of Habitatt to help me apply on after purchasing it. The feather one lasted one day only and it started to fade due to it me tossing and turning while I was sleeping. However, the Rolleiflex one on my wrist is still staying strong for 3 days, except for a tiny bit that I accidentally scratched onto my bag while waiting for the temporary tattoo to dry.

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Decided to head to the stalls that were outdoor to avoid the scorching heat later on. Check out those adorable socks!

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Vintage inspired sunnies!

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Bought a postcard from the W6 stall.

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Love the stuff from the I Love Snackfood stall! They had Kinfolk magazine and terrariums for sale. Perhaps I ought to get one to plant some succulents and cactus for the new office.

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More bits & bobs found at the stalls in Markets.

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After some walking and browsing, we decided that it is time for lunch! Tacos it is!

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These doughnuts looks amazingly good! Regretted that I never try it, but there is still next time! :)

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Oleh Oleh Browines had many variety of brownies sold that day! It is operated by my uni classmate, Sarah. If you have any order you'd like to make, you can go to her Facebook page! Bought a slice of butterscotch brownie and it's so yummy :)

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Since the weather is pretty warm, we decided to get some refreshments from The Tapping Tapir. Unfortunately, there were no cold drinks available, and only slightly chilled ones. I bought the Grapefuit & Chammomile soda and Evelyn bought the Apple & Vanilla soda.

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Cat ear headbands!

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There were many accessories stall at Markets.

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Fancy some funky dino earstud? Looks pretty cool but I doubt that I can carry this look.

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A popcorn bag! :D

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These highlighters are so cute! So many creative stationaries nowadays. I still have many unused highlighters at home...will definitely get this next time!

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Discovered another organic skincare brand called Claire Organics. Since my lip balm has a tendency to go missing, I bought one in 'Rose Geranium'. It smells like rose syrup which is lovely and not overpowering. I love the smell of it especially when the wind blows. A tiny whiff of it is actually quite calming. Smells so good that I can't help but to reapply every now and then ;)

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Felt so excited when I saw this fries beanbag from DSYR. Was so tempted to bring it back but the price however, deterred me from doing so. It is being sold at RM599 D: Regardless, there are many cool items to check out, like the gumball machine and vinyl player.

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Grasshopper made out of palm leaf for sale at RM5 each

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With Evelyn and Shasha

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Bumped into Angeline too!

It was definitely a fun day out looking through things. Did not buy much except for a RM10 floral crop top, temporary tattoos and lip balm. Amelia and Sharmayne came to the bazaar as well and we left for coffee shortly after. If you'd like to attend the next Markets event, be sure to like their Facebook Page for more updates!


  1. Sigh I still havent have the chance to go for any Markets events even though I stay nearby, surely something comes up that Saturday HAHA

  2. aww lovely post babe! :) Your pictures are gorgeous! We should definitely go for more of these bazaars! Hopefully no LRT issues lol

  3. My conspitated face hahahaha

  4. Better keep it free for the next one! :D

  5. Thanks Shasha :) Great hanging out with u that day~ yeah lets go to the other bazaars next time ^^

  6. Now only I know that there is bazaar at Jaya One, I am really near to Jaya One, should pay a visit for bazaar next time! Thanks for your information! :)