Aug 12, 2014

Ginvera Marvel White Launch

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For the first time ever, I attended a beauty product launch with a wedding theme by Ginvera! It was held in Fullhouse Cheras. Was pretty curious before attending this event since the theme itself is pretty unique for a product launch. Decorations were lovely and it really feels like I was attending an actual wedding ceremony :D

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Was there quite early, so waited a while for the event to start while catching up with friends who attended the event and also played some games!

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Post its launch in 2002, Ginvera Green tea skincare range has been well accepted by the consumers particularly its hero product - Zero Blackheads Marvel Gel. Ginvera's skincare products has remained relevant to its consumers because of its efficacy and unique product offerings.

The main users of the brand as mostly younger female consumers who usually seek multiple benefits from their skincare range in convenient and trendy format. With this, Ginvera decided to revamp its brand to Ginvera Marvel White, where a range of skincare products combining the benefits of Green Tea and the ingredient - Shiso, to offer flawlessly fair skin!

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The lovely wedding ceremony started with Ms. Green Tea making her grand entrance while Mr. Shiso waited at the aisle. Proceeding with the ring exchange and taking their vows, the ceremony is complete where Mr. Shiso and Ms. Green Tea is finally married! 

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As blackhead is a common problem in our age group, we constantly desire for a product that not only creates fair skin but a perfect flawless skin without blackheads, marks or pimples. Ginvera Marvel White is meant for young females in the age group 20s to 29s who lives an active lifestyle. Effectiveness and ease of use is important to this target market when it comes to skincare due to people like us being on the go most of the time, where we want our skincare regime to be less tedious as possible before running out of the door! 

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During the product demonstration of Ginvera Marvel White, we also got to test the Marvel Gel which removes dead skin cells and dirt! It was really effective in removing dead skin while I was trying it on the spot.

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Ginvera Marvel White is a Flawless Whitening Dual Functions skincare range. The new and improved Marvel White contains two unique Japanese ingredient - Shiso & Green Tea to create not just fairer but flawless skin!

Shiso - A natural active ingredient with excellend anti-inflammatory benefits that offers soothing relief from redness, itchiness and helps to prevent formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Green Tea - Offers anti-oxidant and whitening benefits that helps in fighting free radicals and shield the skin from harmful UV rays.

*pic credits to Koeyy*
Picture with all the bloggers at the event :)

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Ginvera Marvel White range comprises of:
1. Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel (40ml) - RM25.90
2. Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam (100g) - RM15.90
3. Marvel White Refining Toner  (150ml) - RM18.90
4. Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion (50ml) - RM25.90

Ginvera Marvel White is now sold at various major pharmacies, hypermarket and supermarket!

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Couldn't resist a photo under this lovely arch! :)

I will be reviewing the new range of products by Ginvera Marvel White. Stay tuned for it! At the mean time, if you'd like keep updated about the latest updates by Ginvera, visit their Facebook Page at

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