Aug 10, 2014

A weekend at Markets @ Jaya One!

Hello everyone! How's your weekend? I've been really busy recently with work, catching up with sleep during the weekend and not updating my blog much due to work calls during certain weekends as well. However, this month I am quite free this weekend and finally able to step up the house more often! I went for the 13th installation of Markets bazaar that is held in Jaya One yesterday.

Check out my video above to get a look into what was sold at the bazaar :) Please excuse my video shooting and editing skills. Haven't been exercising my skills since graduation so I'd thought it would be fun to take out my camera and shoot some videos for the day. Also, I was carrying around the goodie bag and all my shopping which was quite heavy so some shots is quite shaky. Hehe :P

 photo DSC_5417-2.jpg
I love going to bazaars however this current installation was slightly a let down for me as the stalls weren't as big as the previous ones. Perhaps all of them moved into the air-conditioned area so the scale of the event looked smaller. I liked the previous one where they have both indoors and outdoors where the atmosphere was much livelier. The booths seem smaller this round but the good thing is now everyone gets to shop comfortable in the air-cond instead of sweating it out under the hot sun.

 photo DSC_5398-2.jpg
 photo DSC_5375-2.jpg
The POP Market area seemed quite empty as it is filled with more of their existing vendors item and most vendors booth were at the mall area. There was some activity by Kendama Culture where they held competitions. It was pretty amazing.

 photo DSC_5370-2.jpg
This dress is gorgeous but it costs RM80  D:

 photo DSC_5437-2.jpg
 photo DSC_5436-2.jpg
 photo DSC_5440-2.jpg
 photo DSC_5446-2.jpg
Besides clothes, there were food stalls which most of it consists of dessert stalls! Everything looked so yummy and I couldn't decide which to buy. Bought yogurt in the end as I had pork ribs and lamb puff earlier :) Hanged around at the bazaar until 5pm and headed home. 

 photo DSC_5455-2.jpg
Lots of freebies in the goodie bag and also from Redken when I went for the free hair styling session at their mobile truck.

 photo DSC_5453-2.jpg
Bought some temporary tattoos from Habitat Supply Co.
They gave a free mangosteen tattoo for liking their Facebook Page :)

 photo DSC_5451-2.jpg
Phone covers at RM20 for 2 :)

 photo DSC_5447-2.jpg
Managed to find some great bargains at the bazaar this time round. Bought these tops at RM10 each :D

 photo DSC_5450-2.jpg
Dress at RM20 and RM15!

Really happy with my purchase this time round as the items were cheap! That's all for now :) Gotta head out shorty after this. Still contemplating if I should head over to the bazaar again later as today is the last day!


  1. i didn't manage to go cos my aunty decide to visit me that day!!...haih have to wait next round ... those sunglasses how much?

  2. Still can go today as it is the last day :) Depends on the shops. Range from RM20-RM100+

  3. i forget about it jus now when pass by n now i am sitting in my room enjoying my white peach tea already!