Sep 15, 2014

Arte Belle Beauty Scraping Therapy Review

When I came across the world ' Beauty Scraping Therapy', I was really curious to find out what it is as it was my first time hearing about it and honestly, it sounded scary because of the word 'scraping'. When I was told that 'Beauty Scraping Therapy' is actually Facial Gua Sha, I had a lightbulb moment as I have tried it before and the results were amazing! When Arte Belle approached me to review their Facial Gua Sha service, I was onboard for it.

Gua Sha is a traditional treatment that has been used for thousands of years. "Gua" means scrape and "Sha" means the sandy looking spots which might develops after Gua Sha. It can be in red, purple, black or brown colour. Not everyone will develops "Sha". If you develop "Sha", it might indicate some part of your body is not in a healthy state.

Usually, Gua Sha is done on your back to stimulate blood flow and healing. Same goes for Facial Gua Sha, as the face reflects the vitality and overall state of our health. Different areas of the face correlate to specific internal organs. So if you have repeated skin problem occurring at certain area of the face (e.g. discoloration, wrinkles), it could be due to an internal health problem.

Facial Gua Sha is also an effective beauty treatment as it helps to:
1) Enchance facial complexion and skin radiance
2) Increases cell turnover rates
3) Detoxification
4) Improves blood circulation and skin texture
5) Eliminates puffiness due to water retention
6) Removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin smoother and more radiant
7) Reduce pore size
8) Improves elasticity of skin
9) Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
10) Prevents blackheads and whiteheads
11) Lighten freckles and dark spots
12) Lifting and firming
13) Reduce dark eye circles and eye puffiness

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Arte Belle provides on-site Facial Gua Sha services which means that they come over to your house! It is really convenient as you don't need to travel all the way and go into the trouble of getting stuck in the jam or finding parking. It is all in the comfort of your own home. If you're afraid that your house is not suitable for such services, fret not as the setup is very simple where you just need a chair for you to sit and the rest will be provided by the beauticians!

If you are iffy about strangers coming over to your house, fret not as these girls are really friendly :) Or if you're still uncomfortable, you can get your family members to be with you throughout the session. I had my appointment with Yee Mun and Fiona on a weekend afternoon which I looked forward to as I needed a good facial treatment!

When they came over, the first step was to do a skin analysis where they looked at my skin condition and asked me what are my main concerns and did a checklist on skin problems that I am facing. Basically, I am concerned my T-Zone as that area is prone to pimples, especially my chin! They said my skin generally looks fine except my acne prone T-zone and enlarged pores at certain area.

They also shared that the 3 steps routine is not enough and should have at least 6 steps which is cleanse, exfoliate, tone, treatment, eye cream, and moisturise.

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Normally, the Facial Gua Sha will take around 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes depending on your skin condition as sometimes certain area need extra care. As for me, my session took about 2 hours because I spent most of the time talking to them! It was pretty fun as we are around the same age and interesting to see them working on things that they are passionate about!

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Like normal facial treatment, we need to start off by cleansing the face to remove impurities. It is important to keep the skin moisturized / hydrated before Gua Sha as it pulls the skin and we don't want to hurt our skin in the process. A moisturized skin helps the Gua Sha tool to glide through the skin smoothly and increases blood circulation. Look at all the products used above!  Facial Gua Sha helps to skin to absorb the benefits of the facial products we use better as Yee Mun mentioned that sometimes we may buy a good product and use it for some time but not see the result which may be caused due to the skin absorption rate, clogged pores, dead skin cells and blood circulation. With Facial Gua Sha, good blood circulation in our skin allows the product to penetrate deep into the skin!

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Since I had no makeup on, Yee Mun started off with cleansing my face! I love the scrub they used as it was not harsh on the skin.

 photo DSC_5677-2.jpg
The pore cleansing masque was applied to suck out the impurities from the pores as sometimes just by cleansing is not enough when we are exposed to dust and pollution.

 photo DSC_5682-2.jpg
They did the Facial Gua Sha on half of my face first to let me compare the difference.

 photo DSC_5714-2copy.jpg
You can see that on the left side, the pores are smaller and my eyes look more 'awake' as they did the gua sha at the eye area to improve blood circulation and it also helps to remove dark circles. Best not to wear contact lens when you are doing this treatment!

 photo DSC_5716-2.jpg
After comparing the difference, they proceeded to finish up the other half.

 photo DSC_5691-2.jpg
Got a massage on my head to stimulate blood flow and also towards the outer area of my face to flush out the toxins in my skin!

 photo DSC_5723-2-side.jpg
After | Before

During the session, I can really feel that my blood is circulating where my skin felt warm like when you are blushing. I felt thirsty after the Facial Gua Sha was advised to drink loads of water to flush out the toxins. The acne on my chin area was lighter and the next day the headless pimple that I had was subsided! Yee Mun said that if this treatment done continuously, it can also give the V-shape face that most girls are looking for. My skin felt more energized after the Facial Gua Sha.

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With Fiona and Yee Mun :)

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If you are interested in getting Facial Gua Sha, you can contact Yee Mun or Fiona to make an appointment! Their services are available in Klang Valley only and they are having a first trial promotion where is is only RM128 instead of RM168 (limited to first 50 customers).

For more information, you can visit Arte Belle's Facebook Page:

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