Dec 4, 2014

Pizza Hut Jam-Packed Pizza Blogger Party

Recently, I was invited to the Pizza Hut Blogger Party to check out their newly launch pizza called Jam-Packed pizza! It was held at the Maju Junction outlet in KL. It was my first time in Maju Junction so luckily I had my GPS with me :)

 Mr. Yusof Ishak, Senior Marketing Manager giving his speech

"“Double-layered, Jam-packed, and Extra-ordinary” best illustrates the latest offering from Pizza Hut, offering an abundance of flavours in just one pizza! Nothing brings people together like a good delicious pizza and Pizza Hut has proved its commitment time and time again in creating the best scrumptious “signature” pizzas that customers love at an affordable price. The R&D team is constantly finding ways to create outstanding, one of a kind pizzas that gets people to gather during lunch or dinner on any other time for that matter. The latest creation invites all Malaysians to enjoy and share the profusion of flavours with family and close friends."

While waiting for food to be served, Pizza Hut organized a photo contest where we had to take a groufie with the pizza. A Twitter contest was also held and the winners with the most creative caption wins!

Having some starters before the pizza arrives!

As the name suggests, the Jam-Packed Pizza is a double layered pizza loaded with sauces, toppings, and 3-flavoured cheese, giving twice the satisfaction in each bite. Indulge in the delicious crispy upper tortilla crust topped with luscious pesto sauce, shredded chicken, chicken pepperoni florets and capsicum.  The bottom pizza complements the flavours on top with an abundance of chicken pepperoni and fresh ingredients that are simply irresistible.

Jam-Packed group photo with all the bloggers and guests!

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