Jun 4, 2016

[Sneak Peek] Mamonde in Malaysia

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Flower - A sign of beauty and a symbol of grace, is also magical with its ability to speak to the soul in a way which words cannot express. There is much more to this extraordinary plants, where AmorePacific Institute discovered the close relation between flowers and a woman's beauty.

Re-inventing beauty with their unique innovation and formulation using floral extraction, Mamonde was born. Mamonde means My World in French, which expresses the value of smart women who are feminine and gentle, yet pursuing their unique world with passion.

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AmorePacific Malaysia held a launch preview of Mamonde products, which is fully imported from South Korea and is set to be officially launched in August 2016 with its first beauty counter in Aeon Bandar Utama.

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Being a skincare addict, I was really excited to be able to attend the launch preview of Mamonde. As we entered the 'Wold of Mamonde' we were introduced to the brand history, in-depth briefing on the R&D of Mamonde and also testing out the products itself!

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Flowers are used in Mamonde formulation to bring women's beauty into a bloom by instilling the wisdom of nature found in the flowers' vitality. Mamonde's products are formulated with various types of flowers that possess amazing properties such as:
  • Vitalizing
    • Honeysuckle delivers nutrients found in the flower to the skin for smoother and firmer skin that is vitalised from within
    • Evening Primrose contains high concentration of fatty acid and other nutrients that is essential to improve cell structure and skin elasticity.
  • Moisturizing & Hydrating
    • Demask Rose (Rose Water) is extracted with super-high pressure to preserve its amazing properties of soothing and moisturising the skin
    • Hibiscus, Narcissus & Peach Blossom contains natural hydrators and ceramide that offers flawless hydration.
    • Narcissus offers excellent moisturising benefits of up to 24 hours.
  • Anti-aging
    • Camellia resilience and other therapeutic properties help protect the skin from free radical damage and reduce signs of ageing for a youthful-looking skin
  • Cleansing & Exfoliation
    • Lotus flower helps to cleanse and purify while providing antioxidant protection.
    • It contains natural ingredients that help exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, allowing younger cells to rise to the surface of the skin to restore a youthful look
  • Brightening
    • Magnolia has excellent effect in skin whitening and post-inflammatory pigmentation inhibition.
    • Water Lily also offers brightening benefits to the complexion as well as soothing irritated skin.
  • Pore Care & Oil Balancing
    • Heartleaft Houttuynia and Sage helps regulate sebum production especially for oily skin.
    • Heartleaf also helps tighten the pores that have enlarged and lost resilience. It also offers instant contraction and is cooling to the skin.

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Few of their products stood out to me and the first one was their Rose Water range which smells incredible! I am not a huge fan of rose products as the scent can be quite heavy. However, Mamonde's Rose Water range smells really light with a hint of sweetness which I fell in love with!

Too bad the Floral Hydro mist is not out now, if not I will definitely bring it over with me to my backpacking trip at Sri Lanka in July. The mist is really fine and I love the feeling of it when it touches my skin. Can't wait to get my hands of these items in Aug :)

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Besides skincare, they also have makeup range. Would love to try their creamy lip tint as well! The colours looked amazing when Janice swatched it on her hand.

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Jelly Blusher. So cute! Should I get this in August as well? Haha...

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We were also taken to a 'Flower Beauty Class' where we are suppose to create something with the flower petal within 30 mins.

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All the bloggers serious at work! Creating something under 30 mins is definitely mind wrecking

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Each of us brought home Mamonde's newly upgraded First Energy Essence and First Energy Serum which I am excited to try out once I finish my existing products.

The First Energy Essence (150ml) and First Energy Serum (100ml) acts primarily as a booster to uplift the skin, giving an overall healthier and supple looking appearance. Booth the essence and serum contain Honeysuckle's "Flower Vinegar" Complex which ensures optimal skincare results for beautiful radiant skin.

Both product retails at RM119 each and can be purchased at Mamonde's counter in Aeon Bandar Utama this August.

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For more information and updates about Mamonde Malaysia, visit their:
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