Dec 8, 2016

Pablo Cheese Tart is NOW in Malaysia!

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The world's famous cheesetart brand has finally landed itself in Malaysia! Pablo was founded by Masamitsu Sakimoto in Japan, 6 years ago. Currently Pablo has 25 stores in Japan and also other cities around the world like Toronto, South Korea, Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta.

With the kiosk located in 1 Utama shopping mall, the open kitchen design and store concept is designed to reflect Pablo's speciality in serving freshly baked products and to bring the experience to the consumers. 

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With everything cheese, Pablo's cheesy gastronomical delights comes in a wide range of mouth watering classic massive, mini tarts, cheese-based desserts, pastries & beverages. They also have cheese puddings, cookies and soft serve ice cream! I will definitely head back to Pablo to try their soft serve ice cream in cheese flavour :)

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Looking at these kiosk display is literally making my mouth water. These desserts come in a variety of flavour such as original (plain cheese), chocolate, strawberry, matcha etc.

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Fresh out of the oven!

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I highly recommend their beverage, Pablo Frute Classic Cheese Tart! Initially I thought it will taste super cheesy and would get sick of it halfway. Instead, the cheese flavour is mixed with fruits like mango and banana. The bottom is filled with apricot jam, middle with ice blended fruits and cheese powder, topped with whipped cream, drizzled with apricot jam and crumbs from the cheese tart. 

Start drinking from the bottom, middle and then the top so that you can have a taste of all 3 layers first before mixing them all up together. It is not a cheesy drink but more like a fruity yogurt drink with a hint of cheese :)

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Pablo's menu & prices

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Pablo Mini (RM8.90/pc)
This mini cheese tart is melty when it is fresh out of the oven and turns into a soft & fluffy texture when cooled down. The cheese flavour is not heavy and scales towards the lighter side. One thing I like about this is that I don't feel "jelak" halfway by just eating one cheese tart as compared to other brands.

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Freshly Baked Cheese Tart (RM45.90)
Can you believe that 6 million of  Pablo's classic cheese tarts has been sold since it started in Japan?

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It's soft, ooey-gooey and "creamy overflowing" filling is the highlight of the cheese tart along with the apricot jam topping. Odorokashi as they call it, is a play of words that means "desserts with an element of surprise". This cheese tart can be eaten in different ways:

1. Fresh out of the oven
2. Scoop and eat it like a pudding
3, Refrigerate & enjoy!

Personally, I prefer to refrigerate the cheese tart first and eat it cold as the filling tastes light & fluffy like ice cream :) The cheese flavour for this tart is very mild as compared to the mini cheese tart.

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Pablo Choco Crunch, RM47.90
Directly imported from Japan, this lightly flavoured chocolate crunch has a hint of cheese flavour in this cute dome shaped crispy snack. Personally, I think the sweet flavour overpowers the cheese and the cheese flavour not outstanding enough. However, it is still a yummy snack if you don't mind the lack of cheese flavour.

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Did I hear someone say Cheese Cookie?

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Filled with Parmesan Cheese & Gouda Cheese Cream, the cheese taste is not overpowering as the soft cookie compliments the delicate flavour of the cheese cream. This taste is light and not too rich, which is bad for me as I can just finish up the whole box in one day. Haha...

Other flavours available are Matcha with cheese cream and Black Truffle with cheese cream.

Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia is located at 
Level 2, Old Wing, 
1 Utama Shopping Center
(Next to Wondermama and Hokkaido Sushi)

For more updates, you can refer to their Facebook Page.

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