Aug 5, 2017

[Review] Sudio Regent Wireless Headphones

Sudio Regent
Latest on its range, Sudio added a wireless headphone evolving from the previous wireless earphone range. Came boxed in a big white box with red ribbon tied onto it, it was definitely bulkier than the previous package. Upon unwrapping, the box contains:
  • Sudio Regent (headphone)
  • Owner's Manual
  • Guarantee Certificate
  • Charging Cable
  • Aux Cable

Sudio Regent
As usual, noise cancellation is a priority for me and Sudio has once again proved itself useful especially when I need to concentrate on work without any external distraction. Unless, someone is shouting in front of your face.

Sound quality is better as compared to some of the previous models. The bass is decent, and sound it pretty clear. Since the headphones are foldable, I am able to fit it into my handbag and bring it around.

The battery last up to 24 hours, which I have not used for that long hours yet as lazing on the bed is quite inconvenient with headphones. I still prefer Sudio earphones for that. Even when wearing the headphones normally as usual, it gets uncomfortable after a while as the headphone presses onto my ears quite tightly. So far, I have used it up to a couple of hours (not everyday) and then leaving it without charge for a few days and it still works well, as compared to some device where the battery just dies flat without charging.

A quick charge just required 10 minutes and full charge about 2 hours. If it runs flat, there is still an option of using the aux cable and plugging it into the device but that is my final resort as I prefer the wireless freedom of the headphones.

Sudio Regent
Sudio Regent
Design wise, Sudio has always their classic minimal signature which is also clearly present in Sudio Regent with a sleek white overall and touch of gold. It can also be jazzed up with the variety of interchangeable caps which is pretty simple to remove and install. Obviously, I went with marble :)

However, there are two parts of the design which I felt in overall did not match their premium and sleek design quality that they were aiming for.
  • First, the wires were jutting out makes it seem a little fragile and messy in a way. If it could be hidden then it would be better in my opinion.
  • Although some parts of the headphones are leather, the plastic used on the headphone certainly felt cheap, which makes me pretty cautious when using it from the fear of breaking it.

Since it does not come with a casing or bag, I purchased a cloth bag seperately just to store it nice & make sure it does not get scratched or dirtied while carrying it around.

All in all, Sudio Regent is a decent headphone but still lacking and can be further improved in design quality.

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