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Jul 16, 2009

Of Ballerinas, Tutus & Leotards

DSC_0150 copy
Lizzie had her ballet performance last Sat & Sun. Went with a bunch of them on Sunday. The performance started at 5pm. Never been to a ballet performance before and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it :) not to mention amazed too...

Everyone on stage was just so graceful :D The first session started out with the children. Most of them were from the first grade/amateur level. They were really cute :)
DSC_0020 copy
DSC_0127 copy
There were some real fast and upbeat ones as well.
DSC_0032 copy
DSC_0080 copy
During the 10 minutes intersection. Group picture of those from college.
DSC_0163 copy
Lizzie & Jared.
DSC_0169 copy
After the certificate giving session was done, the second session started. This time with the higher grade ballerinas. It was more organized and the timing was perfect ;)
DSC_0139 copy
DSC_0056 copy
DSC_0052 copy
The last performance! Lizzie was in it as well. Took this shot of her. One of my best but it ain't that clear.
DSC_0303 copy
DSC_0363 copy
Photo session 2 :D
DSC_0378 copy
Lizzie & I
DSC_0368 copy
Headed off to Williams for dinner after we dropped Melia & Rachelle back. Dinner was delish ;d Went to TGV@ Tropicana City to buy tickets for Public Enemies but mana tau, they only sell tickets for the past movies. No new movies available yet =\ So in the end we went back to Sunway. Bought the 11.30pm show for 9 of us. Chilled at Wong Kok while waiting for time to pass.

Ratings: 7/10
The movie is a good one. Although there's no particular plot to it, Johnny Depp's acting just blows us away once again :D

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