Aug 4, 2009

A for Apple, B for Bali =)

Holidays at the beach are my absolute favourite! It came true on the 18th of July :D Was in Indonesia with the parents for a total of 8 days! 4 days in Bali and 4 days in Flores Island =)

Woke up at 6am to get ready...not much a morning person really. Flight's at 10am. Taxi. Breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam. I find the staffs there really slow...tons of staff but u just cant seem to find them when you need something. They just dissapear =.=

DSCF9417 copy
Route to the LCCT is so boring....nothing but a straight road ahead. Fell alseep :P
Went onto the plane and took off!
DSC_0002 copy
The flight took approximately 2 hours and a half. Fell asleep again xP Told you I'm not much of a morning person! Ate maggi mee on the plane.
Before reaching Bali =) This is why I love window seats.
DSC_0005 copy

Officially reached Bali around 2 plus! Checked in hotel about 3 plus. Stayed in Vilarisi Hotel. In between Legian & Kuta. Is kinda hard to find local food here cuz everything is catered for foreigners. So most of them serve western food. Head off to Pepito Cafe for lunch! Had German sausages. yum yum~

After that, we explored Kuta area (town). Walked for hours and didn't buy much. The clothes there are very much basic wear. Shopping wise I love Bangkok! The best place ever!!!
DSCF9426 copy
Horsey :)
DSCF9435 copy
I love walking in Bali! You can walk for hours! The weather there is so cooling. About 27C it there. Back in Malaysia, walking for 5 minutes and you'll be sweating like a pig already =\

While walking back to the hotel, there were loads of restaurant and pubs along the road. Randomly picked Papa's Cafe for a drink because of the interior design which pulled us. Papa's Cafe has a nice ambience. The lighting changes ;)
DSC_0019 copy
Mommy dearest :)
DSC_0008 copy
Musician with a chef outfit.
DSC_0012 copy
Had my Mojito and it tastes real good :D
DSC_0016 copy
It gets dark real fast and 7pm is like 10pm already...still not used to it although been there for a week. Makes u feel like sleeping earlier as well xD In Malaysia 7pm is still bright! Shops closes at 9pm so the only ones open are restaurants, pubs and clubs till late night.
Went back to the hotel at 10pm and watched TV before going to bed. Sounds pretty lifeless lerh... but holiday with the parents is different with friends. And I can't wander around alone cuz i'm a gurl. Unsafe =.=

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