Aug 5, 2009

Journey to Flores Island

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Set off to Flores Island on day 2! Another 2 and a half hours domestic flight. As usual, stonned in the airport waiting for our flight's turn. Reached Flores about 4pm. Wilfred came and pick us up and off we went to his private resort. Since it was late, cant go out snorkeling. Another german family was there as well with their two daughters. Both are younger than me. They are so cute!

Dinner was served at 8pm. Fresh sashimi (the best I ever had!), steak and bbq fish! yum yum~ On top of that, had wine as well. Perfect touch ;D Not to mention the sky was filled with stars... really breath taking. After some conversations, decided to head to bed early. Still wasn't used to the sky being extra dark..made me even sleepier.

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