Aug 12, 2009

Flores Island (Day 3)

Reformatted the laptop and had to surrender it for the weekend. After that had some problem with the speaker. Had to get it fixed again. It's finally working now. But i guess after 1 year or more something will be wrong with the hard disk. Oh well...
Back to Flores Island :)

Breakfast was lovely! Wholemeal bread, ham and sausages. On my whole stay in Flores Island, I got to taste German style meals. Loving it!

The sail boat
DSCF9456 copy
After breakfast about an hour or so, headed off the the sea. Anchored in the middle of the sea, was about 10ft deep or more. The guys went diving. We were snorkeling around.. saw quite a number of fishes, but the corals were not that great cuz they bombed the corals for fishes. How sad rite..such pretty corals goes to waste because of selfish purposes =\
The girls :)
DSC_0048 copy
Had bread n ham for lunch. Then jumped into the sea again. After sometime decided to head back to the island.
DSC_0081 copy
Sunset :) The sun goes down so fast that you only have like 10 minutes or less to capture to moment. This is one of the few shots I got on that day.
DSC_0124 copy
Went over to the other resort for dinner. They had some traditional performances as well. The food was good :)

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